Academy Research Fellow

Department of Social Research (Sociology)
P.O.Box 18 (Unioninkatu 35)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
+358 (0)50 4485822

My office is in Room 205, Unioninkatu 35.

My interest areas are sociology of the body, sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, gender studies, social theory, power analysis, materialisms

Questions motivating my research include: What does it mean to be an embodied human subject in modern Western society, politically and personally? How do technoscientific practices change social and biological aspects of human life course? What forms of inclusion and exclusion the changes entail?

I have been a Visiting Research Fellow at The BIOS Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science (2011) and Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, King’s College London (2012 and 2014).

My current research project Reproduction and Senescence in the Age of Biomedical Enhancement (RESTEM, 2015-2020) explores human enhancement through biomedical technologies, aimed to transform and manage reproduction and aging on the level of biological processes. Since experimental biomedicine is increasingly enrolled in the production of therapeutic and commercial value, this project analyses scientific, regulatory and patient perceptions of the benefits and risks of this development. The project is funded by the Academy of Finland.

My publications are listed here. My work can also be followed in Research Gate.

I am the PI of the project PLURIPOTENT SCIENCE (2013-2017) funded by Kone Foundation. In this project we study how our conceptions and experiences of birth and ageing, or bodily reproduction and degeneration, are changing through current medical technologies. You can find the description of the project here.

I act as PI in The Doctoral Programme for Gender, Culture, and Society and The Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences.

My previous research has focused on new reproductive technologies, such as prenatal testing and IVF treatment, and on the history of eugenics and abortion.

978-951-768-431-6 I have co-edited with Sari Irni and Venla Oikkonen the book Muokattu elämä (Modified life) on technoscience, gender and materiality, published by the Finnish academic press Vastapaino in 2014.



My first book, based on my doctoral dissertation and published by Vastapaino (2009), discusses  medical  government  of  human  heredity  with  specific  focus  on  the  history  of clinical genetics in Finland, the development of prenatal screening technologies, and their implications for the female body and parenthood. The book has been awarded by the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, and the Finnish Researcher Network on Qualitative Health Studies (LATE).

For more information, see www.vastapaino.fi