MUST – “Multisystemiotic Talks” was founded in October 2006 as a research network for everybody (students, researchers as well as teaching staff). The network is interested in multisemiotic and multimodal research approaches that have developed from, for example, systemic-functional linguistics and other functional approaches to language.

The purpose of MUST is to function as a meeting and discussion forum for members of Finnish academic institutions and visitors who are working on the relationship of various semiotic modes in communication (language, images, film, music, etc.).

Especially of interest is the co-working of discourse analytical and multimodal approaches, and other interdisciplinary approaches to discourse studies (e.g. ethnomethodology of video texts, neuropragmatics, social constructionists, multimodal corpus studies, etc.). The aim is to explore both theoretical and applied areas and to establish a framework for analytical application in academic and professional contexts of communication.