Previous work

Master’s Theses


Hiippala, Tuomo (ECL)
Helsinki: A Multisemiotic Analysis of Tourist Brochures
(E. Ventola – R. Leppihalme)

Hopearuoho, Anna (MCL)
Advertising to Women through the Internet – a comparative multimodal study between Finnish and English
(E. Ventola – N. Keinänen)


Kommio, Suvi (ERINOMAINEN)
Multimodality Promoting Learning – A Study of Pictures in the English Language Textbook Yes Tales
(E. Ventola – M. Palander-Collin)

Kopperi, Hanna (ECL)
Exploiting Dark History: A Comparative Study of the Marketing of Dark Tourism on the Internet as Entertainment and History
(E. Ventola – M. Salenius)

Makkonen, Nina (ECL)
Comparing Women’s and Men’s Travel Stories: How Experience is Created and Conveyed
(E. Ventola – M. Salenius)

Mikkola, Pasi (MCL)
The Social Purposes of Tourist Brochures and Their Realisation in the Texts Introducing Cities
(E. Ventola – M. Palander-Collin)

Paasikivi, Maaret (ECL)
Textual and visual Gender Representations in Travel Brochures: A Case Study
(E. Ventola – M. Salenius)