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The Advisory Board of the research project Reading and Writing From Below: Toward a New Social History of Literacy in the Nordic Sphere During the Long Nineteenth Century, funded by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences, has elected the project’s salaried post-doctoral researchers. There were 13 applications from four Nordic countries.

Three criteria were used in assessing the applications: 1) quality of the application, 2) relevance to the project as a whole and 3) novelty of the topic and the approach. Two external reviewers contributed to the selection process.

Research periods were allocated in the following way:

Post-doctoral researchers and independent scholars

Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir,  Reykjavik Academy (12 months)

Susanne Haugen, Umeå University (12 months)

Viðar Hreinsson, Reykjavik Academy (5 months)

Tereza Lansing, University of Copenhagen (12 months)

Tarja-Liisa Luukkanen, University of Helsinki (5 months)

Ritva Pallaskallio, University of Helsinki (12 months)

PhD students

Kaisa Kauranen, University of Helsinki (6 months)

Reija Lång, University of Turku (6 months)

Bragi Þorgrimur Olafsson, University of Iceland (6 months)