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New publication: Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic countries

Kettunen, Pauli, Kuhnle, Stein and Yuan, Ren (eds) Reshaping Welfare Institutions in China and the Nordic countries, NordWel Studies in Historical Welfare State Research 7, Helsinki: 2014.

The book is a result of collaboration undertaken in the Sino-Nordic Welfare Research Network SNoW and it is published also in Chinese by Fudan University Press (2014). The book will be launched at Nordic Centre, Fudan University, on 6 June . The book launch is arranged by the Sino-Nordic Welfare Research Network (SNOW) and supported by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai.

You can buy the book in our Bookstore. The book is also published in an electronic version and it is available in Helda, the Digital Repository of the University of Helsinki.


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The so-called Nordic model is a benchmark and concept that has attracted international attention. At the same time, China’s ever-more significant role in the globalized economy has increased international interest in the preconditions of China’s economic growth and associated structural transformations. For their part, the social aspects and impacts of these transformations have inspired discussion, in China, as well as internationally, of various models and paths of welfare policies. Debates on models may focus on persistent path dependencies or on transferable knowledge about best practices to be utilized in policy learning.

This book contributes to this current discussion. Nordic and Chinese researchers on welfare policies discuss normative and institutional characteristics of the Nordic and Chinese societies from a historical perspective. Furthermore, two major areas of current welfare policy in both China and the Nordic countries are examined, namely the problems and solutions associated with migration and labour market mobility, and those associated with the ageing society.