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”Migration management & Integration Policies” – Immigrants’ inclusion in different welfare state regimes

Organized by the Research School – Welfare State and Diversity in co-operation with NordWel.
Venue: Roskilde University – Time: October 4 – 5, 2009.


The purpose of the course is to make ph.d. students working within the area of welfare state studies capable of doing comparative studies of migration management and integration policies, and of studying the impact of “empirical evidences” on the political and societal preferences with regard to available policy options.

The course will focus on the construction of immigrants as subjects as well as objects relating it to the existing opportunity structure. The comparative empirical reference will be different welfare state regimes such as the United States, and the various European welfare states. Within this framework we will study the policy implications of the construction of the “immigrant”

The second thematic focus of the course is immigrants’ socio-economic strategies from a bottom up perspective. This means studying the dynamic relations between specific opportunity structures and the degree of self sufficiency of immigrants through self-employment / entrepreneurship and/or as wage earners.

The seminar is open to phd students doing qualitative and/or quantitative analyses. There will be methodological discussions on operationalisation of key concepts as well as selection, generation, and interpretation of data, using specific examples of quantitative research, e.g. registry data and survey, or qualitative research on immigrants’ labour market participation as an indicator for inclusion

During the course, papers submitted by the ph.d.-students will be discussed to improve mutual reflections and articulation. Please note that the papers should be of maximum 10 pages, and submitted prior to the course no later than September 21th 2009.

– Professor Ivan Light, UCLA, USA
– Professor Gabriel Sheffer, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / The University of  Maryland
– Lecturer Marco Goli, Copenhagen College of Social Work
– Lecturer Shahamak Rezaei, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University.

Ivan Light is the author of numerous articles and of six books on immigration, entrepreneurs, and urban sociology. He currently works on a book tentatively entitled, “Globalization and Migration Networks.”

Gabriel Sheffer is the author of numerous publications on diaspora and migrants’ strategical options and preferences in different institutional settings.

Shahamak Rezaei works with survey methods and quantitative analysis. His focus is upon Migrants’ socio-economic mobility and ethnic entrepreneurship.

Marco Goli works with migration management and the Danish Labor Market Model.

Language: English.

ECTS: 5 ECTS point (3 points for participating, 2 points for the paper).

Registration: Deadline for registration: August 10th  2009. You can register by
sending an e-mail to Secretary Mette Sørensen (,
Intermediate plan:

Day one (1)
– Comparative policy of integration – Premises, goals, consequances 
– Methodological Workshop (Presentation and dicussion of the participants’ own data) 

Day one (2)
– Operationalising “integration” and the welfare regimes – Trends and pitfalls
–  Methodological Workshop (Presentation and dicussion of the participants’ own data)