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Welfare State in Capitalism – Revisited

Outline for session

Introduction: Klaus Petersen (University of Southern Denmark) & Pauli Kettunen (University of Helsinki)

General lectures

Bob Jessop (Lancaster University, UK): Rethinking the welfare state and capitalism

Christopher Lloyd (University of New England, Australia): Different models of the relationships between the welfare state and capitalism


Matti Hannikainen (The Finnish Centre for Pensions): Improving Social Capability. Social Contract and Structural Change in the 20th Century Finland

Wessel Visser
(University of Stellenbosch, South Africa): From RDP to GEAR to post-POLOKWANE. The ANC Government’s dilemma to provide a System of Social Security for Post-Apartheid South Africa

Luther P. Carpenter
(The City University of New York): The French welfare state in the economic crisis of 1974-84

Paola Azar
, Reto Bertoni & Milton Torrelli (Universidad de la Repúblic, Uruguay): Fiscal and welfare state regimes: the case of Uruguay, from a regional perspective (1970-2005)

Nirod K Palai
(BP college, Bhubaneswar, India), Sarojini Mishra (Utkal university) & Kumar Das (Asian University,  Thailand): Political Economy of the Welfare State and Globalization in India

The panel discussion will be structured like this:

Each paper will be represented by one of the authors, who’ll give a presentation relating the topic of the paper to the following general themes:

  • A general reflection on the relation between the welfare state and capitalism in the individual case study
  • Type of capitalism, type of welfare state, type of regulation?
  • “Happy marriage” or the welfare state as a challenge to capitalism?

General discussion and comments

Closing lecture: Göran Therborn (University of Cambridge, UK): Welfare states and 21st Century capitalism

Discussion and closing remarks