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NordWel-EINO seminar

Helsinki-based NordWel-researchers meet and discuss papers regularly in the NordWel-Helsinki-seminar on Mondays 10.15-11.45 (see schedule below) in Soc&Kom, Snellmaninkatu 12, room 224 (unless otherwise announced).  To join the seminar, please contact heidi.haggren(at), tel. 040-7087005.

Seminar schedule



7.9. Start of the seminar and presentation by Margit Bech Vilstrup (University of Southern Denmark): “The workers” as a political category. A historical study of the concept of “the worker” 1870-2015.

14.9. Ilkka Kärrylä: Yhteistyötä vai vallanjakoa? Kamppailu työelämän demokratiasta Suomessa 1960–1980-luvuilla

21.9. Anders Ahlbäck: Army Critique and Male Citizenship in the Nordic Countries, circa 1890–1940

12.10. Merle Wessel: Voluntary Motherhood in Eugenic Feminist Debates in the Nordic Countries, 1890-1939

19.10. Andrew Newby: “Black Spots on the Map of Europe” – Ireland and Finland as Oppressed Nationalities, c. 1860-1910.

23.11. Virpi Pakkanen: “The Policy-Making and Governance of School Funding in Finland and Sweden Since the 1990s”


19.1. Planning and presentation by Ilkka Kärrylä: The concept of economic democracy in Finland and Sweden – an overview of previous research

9.2. Heidi Haggrén: Sairaanhoitajien kollektiivinen edunvalvonta ja lojaliteettien ristiriita

13.4. Sophy Bergenheim: The Finnish Population and Family Welfare League’s conceptions of marriage and divorce 1951–1988

20.4. Nynne-Cecilie Schmidt

27.4. Michal Pullmann: Pragmatic radicalism of the “long” 1970s”: Ideology and social consensus in East and West

25.5. Sami Outinen: Social Democrats and Employment in Sweden and Finland 1975–1998. A Research Plan.





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