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University of Southern Denmark -based NordWel-researchers meet and discuss papers regularly at their seminar. Seminars are held as lunchbag seminars in Jon Kvist’s office between 12 and 13 (unless something else is stated). Contact: Tina Drejer,

Seminar schedule


Autumn term

26.10. Centre seminar
Inge Mønster-Kjær: The poor house as social assistance.

2.11. Centre seminar
Inger Nørgård: Copenhagen as a social political laboratory before 1891.

9.11. Research seminar on Post-Lisbon strategy with key note participant Claes Belfrage (Queen Mary University, London).

12.11. Carlsberg project book launch (vol. 1) at BogForum at 4 p.m.

17.11. H.C. Andersen Lecture by Theda Skocpol (Harvard University).

18.11. Research seminar
“Still Unlike, But Not That Different” Recent Trends in the Development of the Welfare State in Europe and America”, see Seminar programme

23.11. Centre seminar
Mirja Österberg (Helsinki University).

29. – 30.11. Carlsberg seminar with international referees.


Autumn term

21.9.  Reciprocitet og retfærdighed – om holdninger til ansvar og pligt i dansk alderdomsforsørgelse, seminar by Lis Holm Petersen

25.9. Working Group Seminar in the Carlsberg Project on Danish Welfare State History 1800-2012

29.9. Perspectives on the Nordic Model by Pauli Ketunnen og Olli Kangas, double inaugural lecture as adjunct professors (NB: 14.30 in U91, reception at 16.45 at Department of Political Science)

7.10. Consumers and Citizens: The Nordic co-operative movements c.1890-1939 by Mary Hilson (UC London, Nordwel-fellow at the University of Helsinki)

8.10.  The European Union: How and to what extent does it govern social policy?, lecture by Jean-Claude Barbier, Université Paris/Panthéon Sorbonne (note: room U66, 12-13.30)

19.11. Counterfactuals and Nonevents in Comparative Social Policy Research by Patrick Emmenegger

27.11. Seminar and X-mas lunch (NB 11.30-14.30)

  • The conceptual history of the welfare state by Jørn Henrik Petersen and Klaus Petersen
  • The Introduction of Unemployment Insurance in Denmark by Jacob Christensen