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Volumes in process


Co-operated volumes in process or planned to be published through existing channels

Blomberg, Helena, Kildal, Nanna & Petersen, Jorn Henrik (eds) (forthcoming) Normative begrundelser  for de nordiske velfærdsstater før og nu.

Kettunen, Pauli & Haggrén, Heidi (eds) (2013, forthcoming) The Making of Common Interest. Studies on corporatism  and consensus in Finland. Helsinki: SKS.

Markkola, Pirjo & Ingela Naumann (eds.) (forthcoming 2012/2013) Lutheranism and the Nordic Welfare States. Special Issue.

Michel, Sonya, Pauli Kettunen & Petersen, Klaus (eds) Race, Ethnicity and the Welfare State. Scandinavia, Europe and the US in comparison. Proposal sendt to publisher, expected: Ultimo 2011.

Palme, Joakim (forthcoming) The Welfare State and equality: institutions and economic inequality in a comparative perspective. To be published in Méthodes et Savoirs, INED (in French).

Petersen, Klaus & Stewart, John (eds) (2012, forthcoming) American Foundations and their influences on Northwest European Welfare States. Odense: University of Southern Denmark Press.

Pharo, Helge, Rainio-Niemi, Johanna, Kettunen, Pauli & Petersen, Klaus (eds) The Cold War and the Welfare State. NordWel-researchers in cooperation with professor Helge Pharo, Oslo University. Expected: Ultimo 2012-13.

Suszycki, Andrzej Marcin (2012, forthcoming) Foreign Policy and Welfare: The Case of Germany, Italy and Finland.