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NordWel Summer School 2009

State, Society & Citizen – Cross-disciplinary Perspectives on Welfare State Development
Bergen, 7-12 June 2009

NCoE NordWel in cooperation with the Rokkan Centre, the Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion and the Department of Comparative Politics at University of Bergen organized a summer school in Bergen, 7-12 June 2009.

Papers were invited  on following topics:

  • The historical development of social security and service systems including both the 20th Century as well as the long historical roots and preconditions for the contemporary welfare state.
  • The political history of the welfare state including political and ideological discussions on welfare, the role of political parties as well as the role of social movements.
  • Discussions on gender equality, the welfare state as utopia or dystopia in politics or arts.
  • Conceptual perspectives on the welfare state including the role of ideology and ideas, the use of theories and theoretical perspectives.
  • Transnational perspectives including policy transfer, export of welfare systems, the relationship between the national and international, and the role of international organizations and ideas.
  • The normative underpinnings of the welfare state model including value systems of the welfare state, gendering of welfare systems, the normative charges of work, the role of religion and contemporary challenges to the normative foundation.
  • Institutional perspectives including the relationship between local and national (state and municipality), between the public and the private, policy studies and the role of expert and knowledge in the context of the welfare state and/or its’ institutions such as social services and health care.

Teachers included professor Astri Andresen (University of Bergen), pro-fessor Daniel Beland (University of Saskatchewan), research professor Sakari Hänninen (National Institute for Health and Welfare), professor Sandrine Kott (University of Ge-neva), professor Christopher Lloyd (University of New England), professor Kalle Moene (University of Oslo), professor Ann Orloff (Northwestern University), professor Jørn Henrik Petersen (University of Southern Denmark), professor Janet Newman (Open University, UK), and Sven Steinmo (European University Institute).


Organizing committee

Professor Pauli Kettunen
Department of Social Science History
University of Helsinki

Professor Stein Kuhnle
Department of Comparative Politics
University of Bergen & Hertie School of Governance

Researcher Nanna Kildal
Rokkan Centre
University of Bergen

Professor Klaus Petersen
Centre for Welfare State Research
University of Southern Denmark

Associate Professor Jan Heiret
Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion
University of Bergen

Coordinator Siren Høgtun
Rokkan centre
University of Bergen