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Paper requirements

The length of the paper should be between 15 and 20 pages exclusive of tables, references and indexes, and it should take no more than ten minutes to present the paper. It is possible to use Power Point equipment if needed in context of the presentation. The paper does not need to include an abstract. The preferable font to be used is Times New Roman with line spacing 1,5.

Please note that the paper should include a short explanation of the context of the paper. That should clarify whether the paper presented in the workshop is already a compilation of some research results, a preliminary part of doctoral thesis or something else. This is to help the opponents to formulate their feedback functional and thus useful for the respondent.The finished paper should be submitted no later than 25 May in the form of a *.doc or *.pdf file attached to an email message directed to coordinator Anna Alanko (anna.alanko [at]

In addition to presenting a paper, each participant is expected to comment on someone else’s paper. The opponents (one student and one guest lecturer) for each paper will be decided in advance. All papers will be available before the start of the summer school at the NordWel’s homepage.

After the summerschool, there will be a possibility of publishing some of the most advanced papers in the upcoming NordWel-publication series NordWel Studies in Historical Welfare State Research (please find more information about the series here).

Papers presented in the NordWel Summer School 2009

Anna Alanko: Mental health care user involvement in Finnish health policies

Mika Alavaikko: Civil society, state and public services -The construction of the new public sector

Malin Arvidsson: Moral judge or disinterested scholar? On the role of historians in processes of revaluation of the welfare state

Johan Christensen: Social democratic tax policy updated – an analysis of the Norwegian tax reform of 1992

Trond Erlien: Universalism deconstructed – Historical Perspectives on the Norwegian Welfare State

Kirsi Eräranta: Reconciliation of Work and Family as a New Social Risk? Transformations of the policy problem in Finland

Jae-Eun Hyun: Analysis of Potential Demand for Long-term Care Insurance in Korea: For the successful settlement of the policy

Niklas Jakobsson: What explains attitudes toward prostitution? (Paper coauthored with Andreas Kotsadam)

Andreas Kotsadam: Do attitudes toward gender equality really differ between Norway and Sweden? (Paper coauthored with Niklas Jakobsson) 

Helene Laurent: The development of child health services during the first half of the 20th century in Finland

Hee Sun Lee: The Change of Family Social Welfare Policy in the Context of Family Life Cycle: Focusing on Korea Welfare State

Kjetil G. Lundberg: Changing Citizenship in Norwegian Welfare State Context

Riikka Lätti: The Mosaic World of Work. Mapping the Concepts of Non-Standard Work (Paper coauthored with Katri Siponen and Jouko Nätti)

Constanze Mathiessen: Welfare camouflage or true full-employment? – Labour, migration, and employment regarding Norway’s welfare state

Bjornar Mortensen Vik: Knowledge in Welfare Politics Ideas and problems in political processes

Yaira Obstbaum: Cure, care and control- institutional responses to harm resulting from intoxicant abuse in Finland after 1980

Saara Pellander: Gendering migration: Analyzing immigration patterns and policy from a gendered perspective

Bernadetta Siara: Poles in the United Kingdom and their experiences of gendered welfare state

Jardar Sorvoll: The Political Ideology of Housing and the Welfare State in Scandinavia 1980-2008: Change, Continuity and Paradoxes

Harald Stokkedal Bokn: Historiographic study of work and welfare in Norwegian history after 1945

Johan Strang: History, transfers, and politics.Five studies on the legacy of Uppsala Philosophy 1930-1950.

Jana Sverdljuk: Russian Women-Immigrants in the Nordic Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden – Gender Perspective on Social Justice

Koen Voorend: Blacks, whites or shades of grey? Conditional transfers, welfare regimes and gender equality (paper coauthored with Juliana Martínez Franxzoni)

Heidi Vad Jonsson: In the borderland of the welfare state Guest-workers and immigrants 1967-1983

Mirja Österberg: Peoples’ home rhetoric in Finland – Transnational perspective on Karl-August Fagerholm’s argumentation in the 1930s and the early 1940s.

Link to the papers and paper schedule (password protected)