Moving to my own little domain

I finally decided to give my page a bit of a more personal flavor.

While this page will stay the same, most of my think-aloud-and-then-blog-it processes will happen at:

C(h)ristian’s blog

This way I think I will become (even) more responsible of my own entries, and mark a certain detachment from HY/HU, especially with regard of whose opinions the entries express; the usual legal jargon that I do not remember just now should be here.

Besides, moving to a .eu domain feels like a natural move for me. Especially now, when I live in one country, work in another, and then study in some other city in one of the two aforesaid countries (jokingly, I counted some 3 universities I am in some way affiliated to, and no less than 3 if not 4 cities that I spend my time between), having such an extension does only come naturally.

So do drop by at the new address and let’s keep in touch.