Workshop ‘Archeogenetics in the Archipelago’

The SUGRIGE project would like to welcome our affiliates to take part in the upcoming ‘Archeogenetics in the Archipelago’ workshop!

The workshop is held in Seili, Finland on 1.-5.8. 2016. It will primarily focus on the study of the past through genetic, archaeological and paleopathogenic evidence.

The multidisciplinary workshop features a series of lectures on the latest developments in these research areas given by geneticists and archaeologists from the University of Helsinki and from the Workgroup of Archaeo- and Paleogenetics in University of Tübingen. Additionally, the workshop offers a number of training sessions on the sampling, preparation and analysis of ancient bone material. The workshop also includes archeological prospecting of the leprosy cemetery in Seili.


A scenery from Seili island.
Photo: Cunon, Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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