Research topics

Social determinants of health and mortality

Changes in mental health and the risk of union separation
Developing methodologies to reduce inequalities in the determinant of health (DEMETRIQ)
Disability retirement: socioeconomic determinants and mental health-related outcomes
Excess mortality among the unemployed
Inequalities in disability-free life expectancy across the Europe: EURO-GBD-SE –project
Reproductive history and mortality
Social determinants of depression outcomes
Social determinants of health and mortality from childhood to early adulthood
Social determinants of myocardial infarction incidence, survival and mortality
Socioeconomic differences, family relations and health among Chinese elderly
Socioeconomic differences in suicide mortality
Socioeconomic position and disability retirement
The association between income and mortality

Health, mortality, life course and ageing

Adherence to drug therapy
Alcohol control and health
Determinants and correlates of leisure-time physical activity
Determinants of institutional care
Development of the child and its health consequences
Forecasting the social consequences of population ageing
Health outcomes after unemployment and disability retirement
Risk factors of obesity and metabolic diseases
Socioeconomic factors, health, and the length of working lives
Widowhood and health

Fertility, union formation and dissolution, living arrangements

Educational differences in fertility: a study on Finnish men and women
Homogamy in partner selection and the effects of homogamy on union stability
Living arrangements and the transition to adulthood

Social structure and inequality

Formal care and voting
Intergenerational determinants of social standing
Life course models: From deconstruction to diversity
Social consequences of parental and childhood illness (SCOPE)
Socioeconomic differences in crime
The long-term effects of unemployment on older workers: Studying life-course influences in social context