International tutors for 2017

International tutors for 2017

Emma Mannfors

Emma is an astronomy major and also your local, warmhearted cat lady. She fills the room with not only rainbows and tolerance but also knowledge, having achieved a masters degree in an entirely different faculty before moving on to galaxies (and even more galaxies). Emma is an experienced tutor and you’ll be well taken care of.. She is active in student organizations, and is the vice chair of Meridiaani as well as the international coordinator (among many other roles) in Resonanssi.

Ilja Pippa

Ilja is a third year theoretical physics student from a small city named Porvoo. Ilja speaks Russian and Finnish as a mother tongue, but is also fluent in English and speaks Swedish. You can recognize Ilja by his colorful hair. Ilja is on the board of Meridiaani, the astronomy students’ organization. He may be quiet at first but he is great company.

Linnea Keltanen

Linnea is a third year meteorology student from Helsinki. She is very active in student life, and is a secretary for both the physics student organization, Resonanssi, and the meteorology students’ organization, Synop. Linnea is friendly and easy to talk to. She has three Russian Blue cats.

Eetu Rimo

Eetu is a third year meteorology student coming from the northern parts of Finland. He’s the man to meet if you’re interested in international student organizations and the various activities that they provide. All in all there’s a lot to learn from him, so hit him up and you’ll surely find common ground, be it sports or weather phenomena.