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Scriptural Interpretation and Research Cooperation within Helsinki’s Centres of Excellence

By Anna-Liisa Tolonen & Elisa Uusimäki

The two Centres of Excellence at the Faculty of Theology – Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions and Reason and Religious Recognition – are characteristically interdisciplinary. Thus, the research conducted should not only be of high quality within specific disciplines, but also reflective of cooperation that breaks down boundaries between fields. Having both of these goals as our aims, we should strive to deepen and broaden our notions of, for example, historical phenomena, philosophical concepts, or the meanings of “holy scriptures” within ever-changing religious traditions. Continue reading Scriptural Interpretation and Research Cooperation within Helsinki’s Centres of Excellence

New Book: “Turning Proverbs towards Torah” (Brill, 2016)

In Tuntitledurning Proverbs towards Torah, Elisa Uusimäki offers the first monograph on the early Jewish wisdom text 4Q525 from Qumran. Following the reconstruction of the fragmentary manuscript, Uusimäki analyses the text with a focus on the reception and renewal of the Proverbs tradition and the ways in which 4Q525 illustrates aspects of Jewish pedagogy in the late Second Temple period. She argues that the author was inspired by Proverbs 1-9 but sought to demonstrate that true wisdom is found in the concept of torah. He also weaved dualistic elements and eschatological ideas into the wisdom frame. The author’s intention, Uusimäki argues, is to form the audience spiritually, encouraging it to trust in divine protection and blessings that are bestowed upon the pious.

All interested in wisdom texts (esp. the Proverbs tradition), Jewish pedagogy in the second temple era, Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient scriptural interpretation, identity construction in early Judaism, and material reconstruction.

For more information see http://www.brill.com/products/book/turning-proverbs-towards-torah


Elisa Uusimäelle Suomen Akatemian tutkijatohtorirahoitus

Suomen Akatemian kulttuurin ja yhteiskunnan tutkimuksen toimikunta myönsi TT Elisa Uusimäelle kolmivuotisen tutkijatohtorirahoituksen. Tutkijatohtorin tehtävän rahoituksen tavoitteena on mahdollistaa lupaavimpien, äskettäin tohtorin tutkinnon suorittaneiden nuorten tutkijoiden pätevöityminen ja itsenäistyminen ammattitutkijoiksi.
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