Core areas of expertise

Sensory Ecology of Plants

  • Theoretical analysis of information acquisition from environmental cues and signals and its use by plants
  • Perception of solar UV and VIS radiation by plants through photoreceptors
  • Molecular signalling and gene expression in outdoors experiments
  • Optical properties of plants
  • Light, vapour pressure deficit and temperature sensing¬†by stomata in intact plants
  • Acclimation of short-term responses to previous growth environment conditions
  • Interaction among different cues and signals
  • Acclimation to drought

Physiological Plant Ecology

  • Stomatal responses
  • Gas-exchange and water relations
  • Soil water relations
  • Secondary metabolites
  • Mineral nutrition


  • UV and VIS radiation quantification
  • UV and VIS radiation manipulation
  • Characterization of optical properties¬†of plants
  • Plant and soil water status measurements
  • Micrometeorology
  • Water-stress imposition
  • Data analysis (designed experiments, longitudinal data, mixed effect models, robust statistics)
  • Design and planning of experiments
  • Gas-exchange (including development of software)
  • Growth analysis
  • Energy balance
  • Thermography
  • Simulation modeling (gas-exchange, growth)
  • Controlled environments (design, repair and preventive servicing)
  • Electronics and computer programing

Programming for data analysis and simulation modelling

  • R programming and package development
  • C++ programming, including use or Rcpp.
  • Java programming, including use of rJava
  • Pascal and Modula-2 programming