Sino-Finnish Symposium, Beijing 2015/05

BeiDa HY

For a while now, there has been inquiries about a collaboration in the field of education between the University of Helsinki and two highly distinguished universities in Beijing, Peking University (PKU) and Beijing Normal University (BNU). After a dialogue that was mainly held through e-mail conversations, a Sino-Finnish symposium was finally agreed upon. The main organizer for this event was the Peking University and the symposium was to take a place in the PKU on the 22nd and the 23rd of May.

The Finnish delegation consisted of the highly distinguished researchers and actors from various different fields of education and in the last meeting before the journey to Beijing the excitement for the future collaboration was palpable. The final arrangements were made in the few weeks before the symposium and everything was set up for the trip.

Beida 中芬教育与技术双边研讨会Institutes

The schedule in Beijing was going to be tight as the symposium would begin at the morning of the Finnish delegation’s arrival. And so it was straight to the symposium from the airport but fortunately the hospitable Chinese hosts greeted the delegation with some tea, coffee, snacks and fruits to freshen up after the long flight.


The two day symposium was very productive with a relaxed atmosphere and the high standard presentations. To see the detailed schedule and the abstracts:

Schedule And Abstracts PKU

Schedule in Chinese:



On Sunday (24.5) the delegation had an arranged trip to ZhongGuanCun, the Chinese “Silicon Valley” and also some leisure time in the city。


ZhongGuanCun (中关村)

S P lake

The Old Summer Palace

On Monday (25.5) it was off to the Beijing Normal University and the theme for the day was Fun Learning.

BNU Fun learning

The BNU conference also turned out to be very productive and a common ground for future collaboration was established.

Many thanks for the great hosts, for the participants, and everyone involved to the productive symposium. The Finnish delegation is looking forward for the future collaboration.