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GEC Conference in Hangzhou

Global Educational Community – Conference in Hangzhou (July 2015)

Innokas Network aims to initiate educational reform for the learning of 21st Century Skills as a new wave of learning arising from wide-spread innovation on the grass-roots level. Innokas Network acts as an enabler for this by developing, testing and sharing best practices, by arranging targeted support resources, by performing research, and by arranging professional development programs for teachers.

Started as a grass-roots activity by practicing Finnish school teachers on sharing best practices on using technology for learning of 21st Century Skills, Innokas Network is currently coordinated by the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki and City of Espoo comprising activities in participating schools in Finland as well as global activities such as the Global Educational Community.

Global Educational Community - Conference in Helsinki (March 2015)

GEC – Conference in Helsinki (March 2015)

Global Educational Community (GEC) is a no-profit organization registered in Wisconsin, US. The GEC is formed by the joint efforts of higher education institutions (such as Stanford University and University of Helsinki), professional institutions and organizations (such as Buck Institute and KDP), and K-12 school networks globally. It has an advisory board with Dr. Guoli Liang, a full professor at University of Wisconsin, as Executive Director.

GEC advocates the idea that children can study and learn 21st Century Skills together as a global community. In the process children, their parents and their teachers can both learn from and teach each other as they are welcomed into a community where they all can become more competent as global citizens. They will be exposed to artistic, scientific, authentic, and practical resources and interventions – all available to families, schools and other stakeholders.

GEC - Conference in Beijing (July 2015)

GEC – Conference in Beijing (July 2015)

Participating schools and teachers plan and run Project Based Learning (PBL) projects in collaboration with their partner schools from other countries. They share their experiences through web-based tools and on online seminars between the participating schools. The goal of these activities is the sharing of expertise in PBL and on the learning of 21st Century Skills. In the past two years, more than 2000 teachers and 100,000 students from China, USA, Australia, Singapore, and Finland have participated in GEC activities.

GEC - Conference in Beijing (July 2015)

GEC – Conference in Beijing (July 2015)

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