The Lexicon Project & INSEL- Network

Professor Hannula has established research collaboration with prof. Yiming Cao, Beijing Normal University through two international collaborative projects coordinated by prof. David Clarke (Melbourne University). Fritjof Sahlström (University of Helsinki) is also involved in both projects.


  1. The Lexicon project ( was initiated in 2014. In this project we are analysing pedagogical naming systems from different cultures to reconceptualise classroom practice and advance educational theory. The Lexicon Project will initiate cross-cultural dialogue to identify pedagogical terms from selected educational communities and use these as analytical tools to categorise, interrogate and enrich classroom practice, classroom research, and educational theorising. The project involves nine countries, Finland (Hannula) and China (Cao) being two of the countries.


  1. INSEL-network, for which David Clarke (Melbourne University, Australia) has received funding ( . INSEL is an international research network connecting prominent researchers at research-intensive universities to undertake a radical reconceptualization of the social aspects of the mathematics classroom and of how these are researched.  INSEL members are Beijing Normal University (Professor Cao), The University of Bremen (Professor Knipping), The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Professor Valeska Grau Cardenas), The University of Tsukuba (Professor Shimizu), and The Charles University in Prague (Professor Novotna). The purpose of the INSEL network is to design parallel investigative studies and seek funding collaboratively (e.g. apply Horizon funding).