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In modern society the significance of lifelong learning has been emphasised and it is seen as a central tool for promoting employment, wellbeing and life quality as well as active citizenship. To support individuals coping with career and lifelong learning, several kinds of counselling and guidance services are provided in Finland throughout the whole life span. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture launched a strategy for lifelong guidance in March 2011, based on EU policy developments in lifelong guidance.

The host institution, University of Helsinki, Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education, is the largest institute for continuing education in Europe and offers a large selection of training for several branches of guidance and counselling.

Palmenia will present Finnish system of lifelong guidance, the results it produces for individuals, enterprises and authorities and the national strategy put in place to improve services and actions.

The participants will learn about:

  • national strategy of lifelong guidance and measures already taken in Finland;
  • guidance and interaction between two or more parties who represent different ethnic backgrounds (multicultural guidance);
  • sharing national experiences and good practices of lifelong guidance;
  • new ideas for providing personal professional guidance and for possible joint projects in the European Union;
  • methods of multicultural guidance.

Participants will:

  • visit different institutions which deal with lifelong guidance for children in early childhood, pupils at school, students of vocational schools, students in higher education and employees during working life;
  • meet authorities responsible for lifelong guidance policies and talk to counsellors working with different people in different phases of the life span;
  • discuss methods used in guidance and counselling.

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