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How to get there?

An e-visa (Single Entry or other) is required to enter Kenya and should be applied before the travel. However, a tourist visa may also be purchased at the airport on arrival (€ 40 or $ 50) until further notice.

The research station is located in Wundanyi town, 400 km from Nairobi and 150 km from Mombasa. Both cities have airports, and tarmac roads lead until Wundanyi. A drive from Nairobi usually takes about seven hours to Wundanyi. Unless travelling by a private car, long distance coaches reach until Voi town, from where one can take a Matatu mini bus or a taxi to Wundanyi.

The Taita Research Station is located 0.5 km northwest from the Wundanyi town towards Werugha and Mbale.

Taita Research Station is a red-roofed buildings located at the top left part of the image at a road crossing, NIKON D3X digital camera image acquired in January 21, 2012.