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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

The ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has funded development cooperation carried our through research and capacity building in the Taita hills. All together 4 projects are funded:

TAITAGIS – Improving capacity, quality and access of Geoinformatics teaching, research and daily use in Taita Taveta, Kenya. Higher Education Institutional Cooperation Instrument. 2017-2020.

AFERIA – Adaptation for Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience in Africa – Integrating Results, Building Capacity and Implementing Adaptation Strategies. 2017-2018.

BIODEV – Building biocarbon and rural development in West Africa. University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography share 362 192 €). 2012-2016.

CHIESA – Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Services and Food Security in Eastern Africa – Increasing Knowledge, Building Capacity and Developing Adaptation Strategies. 2011-2015.


University of Helsinki

The basic funding for the management of the research station is provided by the University of Helsinki. University departments and research projects also provide used and new research infrastructure to be used at the station. More information about station infrastructure and future needs are given by Prof. Petri Pellikka (


Nokia Donation funded two MSc theses projects in 2010. Mr Pekka Itkonen finished his MSc thesis “Estimating leaf area index and aboveground biomass by empirical modeling using SPOT HRV satellite imagery in the Taita Hills, SE Kenya” in 2012. Janita Laakso is completing her MSc thesis about the soil characteristics in Wundanyi river catchment area.


Suunto granted two wrist computers to be used in the field work in the Taita Hills. Besides measuring time, the Suunto Core watches also measure air pressure and altitude and work as compasses.

Alumni Association of the University of Helsinki

The alumnis of the University of Helsinki provided the start-up funding for Taita Research Station Fund in 2012, which was approved by rector Thomas Wilhelmsson. The Fund will be used for MSc student research work at the station. Further donations are welcomed and more information how to donate is given by Mikko Kotola (

Academy of Finland

The research council of Finland is the main governmental organisation of Finland under the Ministry of Education. It has supported 6 research projects during the last ten years in the Taita Hills.

DENGMARK – Detection and burden of Dengue. 2014-2017. Olli Vapalahti

DF-TRAP – Development of cost-efficient fog and dew collectors for water management in semiarid and arid regions of developing countries. 2012-2016. Consortium led by Markku Kulmala.

TAITAWATER – Integrated land cover-climate-ecosystem process study for water management in East African highlands. 2013-2016. Petri Pellikka

TAITASCAPE – Forest structure, landscape fragmentation and population dynamics – a geoinformation approach. 2007-2008. Petri Pellikka

TAITATOO – Geoinformatics in environmental conservation and community based natural resource management in the Taita Hills, Kenya. 2006-2009. Petri Pellikka

TAITA – Development of land use change methodology in East African highlands applying geographic information systems. 2003-2005. Petri Pellikka

Geotrim Oy

Geotrim Oy has provided us free of charge precision differential GPS sensors in order to assist our airborne remote sensing campaigns and field work.