There are two lines in the degree programme.

Line A is for students who have a BA degree in a discipline related to translation (English, German, or Russian translation or the French translation line).

Line B is for students who have a BA degree in a discipline not related to translation.

  • Line B requires 60 credits from English, French, German, or Russian; translation studies majors must have 60 credits from domestic or foreign languages, general linguistics, information technology, or language technology, preferably studies in at least two languages, or a multilingual background.
  • In addition, all students applying to line B must have completed their BA Maturity Test in Finnish, or present other proof of an excellent knowledge of Finnish.
  • Entering line B requires switching one’s major subject in the faculty, and it must be applied for. The application period is at the end of April. The screening of applicants is based on the average grade of their intermediate studies. Students of other faculties apply separately.
  • In total, 16 new students are admitted to line B per year.