I work as a docent at the Department of Social Research, the University of Helsinki, and an Associate Professor at Oulu Business School, the University of Oulu, Finland. Between 2005-12, I acted as research co-ordinator of the Helsinki Institute of Science and Technology Studies (HIST), a network unit established by two prominent Finnish universities, the University of Helsinki and Aalto University to strengthen research and graduate education in the field of science and technology studies (STS).

My current research focuses on social studies of science, technology and innovation. My research topics include, for instance:

  • innovation processes and innovation management
  • networks in biotechnology,
  • open innovation,
  • strategic management of technology-based companies,
  • science, technology and innovation policy,
  • commercialization of research results,
  • university organization, and
  • university-society interaction and
  • scientific practices.

My research approach has been predominantly ethnographic applying theoretical and conceptual ideas derived from multiple disciplines and traditions, including sociology, organization studies, science and technology studies, cultural-historical activity theory, business economics and history of science. In sociology, my major sources of inspiration have been symbolic interactionism, constructivism and ethnomethodology.

I have published my work in major international journals in science, technology and innovation studies as well as in higher education, innovation research, and business management.

Before starting my research career in the mid-1990s, I participated for five years in higher education policy and university administration holding various positions in the Ministry of Education, the University of Helsinki and the National Union of University Students in Finland.

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