Doctoral hats

The Finnish doctoral hat resembles a top hat. A golden emblem is attached to the velvet ribbon on the hat. Traditionally the colour of the hat is black, green, red, or purple, but different scientific disciplines have their own colours of hats. The hats are tailor-made.

In the Conferment of Academic Degrees, all Doctors wear doctoral hats. The hat is held in the left hand when entering the hall. The emblem should face forwards. The hat is put on and taken off at the same time with the Conferrer of Degrees.  The newly-conferred Doctors weat the hat also during the dinners and the ball.  How other Doctors will use their hats in the festivities is decided on case-by-case.

Doctoral sword

In Finland, the only sword allowed in conferment ceremonies is the officially certified civilian sword of the independent republic of Finland.  It comes with a scabbard and a black or golden clip. In addition, a golden emblem of the university can be attached to the sword.

Traditionally the sword is worn on the left side. Men wear the sword in a clip, for which a sturdy loop is sown on the trousers. The sword is held firmly in its place by a clasp in the scabbard.  Female Doctors need a sword as well. Women can be a bit more creative in wearing the sword, because usually the material of the evening gowns isn’t strong enough to support the sword and the scabbard.  The sword can be attached to for example the belt of the skirt. In a two-piece outfit, the support system can be hidden underneath the hem of the top piece. If a female Doctor does not want to attach the sword to their outfits, it can be carried in hand.

The doctoral sword can be acquired even if you wouldn’t participate in the Conferment Ceremony. On the sword, the name of the Doctor and the date of the public defence of the doctoral thesis or the Conferment Ceremony.

Master’s ring

The golden Master’s ring has served as an insignia ever since the 19th century. In the Conferment Ceremony, women wear the ring on top of gloves. In all other academic festivities, the ring is worn under gloves, like any other ring. You don’t need the official Master’s ring for the Conferment Ceremony – any golden or gilded ring will do.

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