Several Spaces, One Time: gathering, managing and analysing video data in physical and virtual spaces

Mikael Kivelä & Jarkko Mylläri, University of Helsinki

Our paper presents an approach for non-linear analysis of multi-modal data including videos, animations and textual data. The emphasis is heavily on the former two but the textual data cannot be omitted in our case examples. The key elements of our approach are 1) working with several synchronised video files simultaneously, 2) easy non-linear use and quick access to any part of the data and 3) the ability to “dive” into the data by selecting elements of the audiovisual data on any given moment.


Our approach was developed for the InnoEdu project for detecting the ICT skills rooted in informal learning contexts pupils utilise without teacher’s distinct prompting and discerning the temporal patterns of activity that produced the utilisation of these skills. The paper is based on a study conducted in February and March 2008 with 25 5th grade pupils (ages 10-12) producing digital concept maps. The data consisted of 12 hours of dual-camera and 3 hours of single camera video recordings of the classroom activity, 99 screen capture animations from the pupils’ workstations, 9 stimulated recall pupil interviews using the screen capture animations as prompt material, internal recordings and log files of the IHMC CmapTools software for outlining the temporal distribution of edits performed on the actual task product and finally questionnaire data for discerning the informal ICT-contexts of the pupils and the pupils’ perceived social relations within the peer group.

Data gathering

Synchronising is essential, especially with 21 devices recording simultaneously. The two cameras in the classroom were synchronised with one another with a timecode-cable and manually with the workstations. The centrally managed workstations synced their clocks with a server and thus our automated screen capture utilities on each of the 19 workstations were reasonably in sync with each other. To enable diving we used high-definition cameras with complementary points of view and two highly directional microphones. The larger resolution of high definiton video enables diving into smaller details by cropping and enlarging without the image becoming too blocky. Directional microphones are good in recording the sounds originating from different parts of the physical space into separate audio channels. A well thought out file naming system saves much work later on with the screen captures.


Atlas.TI software was used as the main platform for managing all of our data keeping it easily retrievable and in order. The textual data such as transcriptions of interviews or discourse was also analysed using Atlas.TI. Because of Atlas.TI’s limitations in playing video and audio files we used ELAN, a video annotation tool capable of playing up to 4 media clips simultaneously from a larger, synchronised selection. With ELAN we were able to index, annotate and code the videos and animations for network and content analysis and easy retrieval. The network analysis was carried out utilising Netdraw, a part of UCINET network analysis software package. The main benefit from using ELAN was the ability to follow the activities of an individual or a group in the classroom and on their workstations simultaneously.


The DIVE-approach has been pioneered by Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning, multiple timescales and event mapping we have adapted from the Santa Barbara Classroom Discourse Group and especially Judith Green. All of the software tools we used excluding Atlas.TI are available free of charge for non-commercial use. For additional information on the tools and work flow see


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