Incoming HSE students

Information concerning the application process, application form, application deadlines, academic calendar and housing etc can be found at the University of Helsinki International Exchange Services (IES) admission website. Start your application process by registering at the Mobility-Online Portal (select: your country, home institution and exchange programme: Faculty and Unit Bilateral Agreement, Faculty at the University of Helsinki: Aleksanteri Institute, and the academic year.

Remember to apply for housing at HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in Helsinki) at the same time as you fill in the Mobility Online application. In case you have not applied for housing your application will be rejected. For more information see “housing” at the University of Helsinki International Exchange Services website. The deadline for Mobility Online and housing application is the same.

NB! In case the exchange place is for the MA level students, but you are in a BA phase of your studies while you are staying in Helsinki, you should mention this in the motivation letter (see link above to IES admission website). You should be an advanced BA student so that you can follow the MA level courses and you should be able to include the MA courses you take in Helsinki to your MA studies at your home university.

Faculties usually confirm the exchange places for the Autumn term entry by 20th June and for the Spring term entry by 6th December.

Learning agreement: The Aleksanteri Institute incoming exchange students can take courses from the  Faculty of Social Sciences. At least 50% of the courses should be chosen from the Aleksanteri Institute and/or the faculty in question. All the Bachelor level courses are usually open for exchange students, but in terms of Master level studies some restrictions may apply, for example methods courses and seminars are usually solely meant for the degree-taking students of the faculty. Exceptions must be agreed upon before the student’s acceptance.

Also note that subjects such as Economics, Psychology, Communication and Political Science  have restrictions regarding acceptance both for local and exchange students. Only those who have studied those studies as Major, can take their MA-level courses.