Study Guide

uazik2ExpREES students have a wide array of courses at heir disposal. This study guide contains all the courses that are offered to students of the ExpREES programme. Some of them are normal courses offered by different universities but a number is organized by the network or with its support. Suitability of other courses to ExpREES programme can be inquired from the Head of Education mr. Tapani Kaakkuriniemi.

Courses are sorted to two pages according to whether they begin on autumn or spring semester. Furthermore inside semester pages courses are sorted even more accurately on their start date. Courses are also divided to the groups according to the course type.

In the category Lecture courses are all the normal courses. Under Intensive courses are listed all the courses which have intensive teaching on a short period of time. Inside both categories learning methods may vary greatly. The group Other study units includes many different study units. There are for example web courses and book exams. The information on compulsory study units to all ExpREES students is found on their own pages.

The aim has been to organise the schedule of the courses in such a way that the students from other cities can easily participate as well. This means that the teaching has been organised periodically and the use of distance learning tools and methods is encouraged.

All students, irrespective of their home university, have the right to participate in all the courses listed in this guide.

It is possible to get support for the traveling costs when the modules have been organised by other than the student’s home university. More information about the support for traveling costs can be found at the travel support section.

Many courses are taught in Finnish, a few in Russian and a significant number is taught in English. The language of the course outline indicates the language of instruction.

The printed version of the study guide is sent only to new ExpREES students, but its copy can be found in here.

Autumn courses
Spring courses

NOTE! Changes in courses are marked red!