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Videos made by: International Student Ambassadors of University of Helsinki

You Could Have a Right to Vote – Use It!

When I was an exchange student in England I could have voted in the local elections, but I did not. The main reason for not voting was not that my lack of interest in politics, but that I was only vaguely aware of the elections.

The lack of election activity among foreigners is also the case in Finland, and lack of knowledge one of the main causes behind it. Yle News (http://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/study_immigrant_voters_not_getting_enough_election_information/9481542) reported that only 19.6 percent of the foreign nationals entitled to vote voted in the last municipal in elections and that a recent study by Social Democratic Think thank Kalevi Sorsa foundation found out that 39 percent of the migrants who did not vote were not aware of their right to vote.

If you, like me back in the day, are not quite sure about whether you can vote, or what the elections are about, read on! Check out who can vote, why you should vote, and where and when you can vote!

There are 100.000 students in Helsinki, and the students’ election themes include affordable housing, better public transport, and improved services. See more at worldstudentcapital.fi!

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Not Getting Lost in Law in Helsinki

Hey! My name is Alexandra, I am a second-year master degree student at International Business Law programme. I run my own Lostinlaw blog (http://blogs.helsinki.fi/lostinlaw/). Today I am going to tell you how not to get “lost in law” actually in Finland. I base my observations on my common sense, a couple of years of experience of working in legal/related field and my experience of being an international student myself.

First, a couple of general advice. You shall remember that it is impossible to know EVERYTHING about the risks you may possibly meet when renting your first apartment in Finland, signing your first work contract in Finland or opening a bank account. But you should always ask yourself following questions:

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The Ambassadors Visit Helsinki Observatory

On Monday 30th January we visited the Observatory, one of the Helsinki university museums. It is incredibly easy to get to, a leisurely short walk from the city center. We were greeted by Paula, a very energetic, bubbly and extremely knowledgeable tour guide who made us all feel at home.

The observatory was completed in 1834 is now a museum but was lived in as recently as the 1960’s by the professor of astronomy. There are several fun reminders of its residential history such as a section of the wallpapers through the years or the antique cooker near the cloakroom.

The tour begins in a room with some fascinating old equipment such as telescopes and documents and we even discover that the lounge ceiling would have opened to allow the astronomer to lounge back on his chair and study the night skies. It sounds very idyllic and extremely romantic until we discover that the fireplace in the room would have remained cold as the heat would cause visual disturbances. Perhaps a little chilly in the winter!

The actual chair of the professor set up as he would have viewed the night skies.

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The Power of Thought

On the 27th of January, a bunch of us Student Ambassadors were lucky enough to get a guided tour of our university’s museum. We are definitely privileged as a university to have a museum dedicated to safeguarding the entirety of our institution’s history.

The University of Helsinki’s rich and long history can be divided into three main eras. It was established in 1640 as the Royal Academy of Turku. In the 1800s it was moved to Helsinki during the Russian Imperial era, hence becoming the Imperial Alexander University in Finland. It was during this period that the university became increasingly more scientific and research-based, kind of like we know it today. Finally, in the post-Independence era, it became the University of Helsinki. These periods are all easily colour-coded in the museum’s itinerary, a set of informative displays under some gorgeous and ever-changing ceiling lights.

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Info for Late Arrivals, spring 2017

On January 12th 2017 the University of Helsinki hosted the Welcome Fair for its new exchange students as a part of the Orientation Week. This is a brief guide about the whats and wheres should you have missed the Welcome Fair for whatever reason.

Welcome Fair 2016

Service Points there are 6 dedicated Student Service Points where you will be taken care of. Please check with this list for your faculty’s Service Point.

Instructions – Check list Below is an abbreviated 9 step check list which covers all the essentials. At the end of the list you will find a pdf file containing the same steps explained in much more detail.

  1. Certifcate of Student Status – how to receive yours.
  2. Student Union Membership – instructions on how to become a member if you wish to.
  3. Arrival Certificate – where to go to if you need your home university’s Arrival Certificate signed.
  4. Travel Card discount – how to get your HSL travel card.
  5. User account of the University of Helsinki – how to get your credentials for your computer user account.
  6. Student card – if you chose to join the Student Union you may apply for a student card which come with quite a few perks.
  7. Registration for courses – registration for courses is done electronically through weboodi, in order to register for courses you need to have your credentials. More about this in the pdf.
  8. Finnish personal identity code – how to get one or change your preliminary one.
  9. Updating your address – how to update your address and telephone number in weboodi.

+ other useful information.

– – – – – And here is the pdf file: spring 2017 late-arrival check-list – – – – – –



Finland 101 – make the most out of your stay with Frank!

Who is Frank, and what does he have to say about student life in Finland?

Frank is the name of the Finnish student card, which provides discounts and benefits for all students in Finland. Here’s what Frank says about why and how to get a student card, or the student card app, for free for every student:

Dear international student, welcome to Finland!

As a member of HYY you are entitled to a Finnish student card, which literally is your key to an easier and more enjoyable student life. With a Finnish student card you can prove your student status basically anywhere, and get student discount from hundreds of services including public transport (up tp -50%!), public sports facilities, theaters, movies etc., and of course on food, coffee, clothes, cosmetics… you name it!


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Welcome to Your Student Union!

You’ve arrived, you’ve chosen your courses, and you’ll get all the paperwork done at the Welcome Fair. Now you’re all set for your student life, and the only thing to do is to wait for the lectures to start? Think again!

The key to an unforgettable time at the University of Helsinki is being active, and meeting new people! The student union, HYY, offers you a student card with countless student discounts, affordable health care, and discounts on transport. Most importantly, though, the student union is home to a huge network of student organisations, new hobbies and awesome people from different faculties and countries – everything a student will need in Helsinki!


Check out all benefits and services offerd by the student union!

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Meet the International Student Ambassadors of 2017!

Get to know our team of student volunteers who can’t wait to tell you more about their experiences at the University of Helsinki and living in Finland. The international student ambassadors are students from a wide range of fields and different campuses of UH. Read more about their interests and what they love about UH, Helsinki and Finland here.