Beyond Helsinki (vol. 1)

There is a joke or even misconception among Helsinki-dwellers that there is not much to see or do beyond Kehä III, the ring road furthest from the city centre. But there is indeed a lot more to Finland than just Helsinki! Here we have listed three urban centres worth paying a visit to. Finnish nature deserves a whole other blog entry, so let’s just focus on some cities this time! In this instance, they are all around one to two hours away from Helsinki, which is ideal for a day trip if you want to also save some money and not have to pay for accommodation.

  • Tampere

Tampere is sometimes given the nickname “Manchester of Finland” due to its industrial heritage. Have a walk around the so-called Finlayson area, where most of the old, red brick factory buildings are located. If you have a bit of time, go into the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas – admission is free! A museum I have found particularly interesting is the Spy Museum, which is as cool as it sounds: there are lots of gadgets and interesting stories to learn about. And while we’re still on the topic of museums, on May 9th 2017, a Moomin Museum will open in Tampere Hall. It will be the only museum of Moomin art in the world, so it will definitely be worth a visit!

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A roof over your head in Finland!

Come spring all the lucky and talented students who had applied at the University of Helsinki will receive their acceptance letters. Congratulations! We will be so glad to have you here with us. Go on, accept your study place and book your tickets for the incredible journey you are about to begin. But remember to apply for housing well ahead in time so that you may have a roof over your head (place to stay?) when you begin your studies in fall.

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Not Getting Lost in Law in Helsinki

Hey! My name is Alexandra, I am a second-year master degree student at International Business Law programme. I run my own Lostinlaw blog ( Today I am going to tell you how not to get “lost in law” actually in Finland. I base my observations on my common sense, a couple of years of experience of working in legal/related field and my experience of being an international student myself.

First, a couple of general advice. You shall remember that it is impossible to know EVERYTHING about the risks you may possibly meet when renting your first apartment in Finland, signing your first work contract in Finland or opening a bank account. But you should always ask yourself following questions:

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Interested in Becoming a Student Ambassador?

Student ambassadors are student volunteers who love to share their experiences and introduce new students to the community. The ambassadors work in co-operation with the Admissions Services to help convince prospective students why the University of Helsinki is the perfect match for them.

Student Ambassadors

  • Write blog posts
  • Answer questions from potential new students (mainly Facebook and e-mail)
  • Post on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat
  • Represent UH at student fairs and other events (Welcome Fair, Coffee with the ambassadors, Q&A etc.)
  • Make videos about student life
  • Take part in student recruitment photo shoots and interviews when needed
  • Give feedback on marketing material (brochures etc.) when needed
  • Generate new ideas for peer-to-peer marketing

This is an exciting opportunity to be an active participant of the university world and a great way to enhance your university experience! You will also get a diploma for being an ambassador.

We kindly ask you to send your free-form application with

– a short info on who you are and what experience you have especially operating in social media
– what you are studying
– why you want to become a student ambassador

to by November 30, 2016. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.


Welcome to the Student Union!

You’ve arrived, all the paperwork is done, and you’ve registered for courses. Now you’re all set for your student life, the only thing to do is to wait for the lectures to start? Think again!

The key to an unforgettable time at the University of Helsinki is being active, joining student organisations, and meeting new people! The student union, HYY, offers you a student card with countless student discounts, affordable health care, and discounts on transport. Most importantly, though, the student union is home to a huge network of student organisations, new hobbies and awesome people from different faculties and countries – everything a student will need in Helsinki!


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Meet our Alumna! “I know that any task, any assignment or presentation is possible to do brilliantly – you just need to do your best.”

Anna Yukhtenko
Anna Yukhtenko
Study field:
City Center Campus
Employer and position:
Danone Finland, Category and Field analyst trainee at Danone

Hi Anna! How are you?

Hi! Fine, thanks. Going back home from the gym 🙂

How did you end up in Finland and studying in the programme?

After finishing the Bachelor’s degree, I figured I wanted to study abroad. I have been to Finland many times before, and really liked the country. Knew my way around Helsinki etc. One of my Finnish friends at the time was actually studying and the UH. Then I checked the webpage of the University, found the programme that I liked and applied for it!:) I was studying in the best University in Moscow, and when it was time to choose the place to continue studies, I would settle for no less than the best University in Finland. Continue reading

Meet our students! “The opportunity to work with all the great minds makes the university very special.”

rupshaName: Rupsha Bagch
Study field:
Computer Science
Campus: Kumpula

What made Finland stand out as your study destination? Why is the University of Helsinki so special?

The education system of Finland is so famous all over the world! A lot of countries try to learn from this system. This is one of the main reasons that drew me to Finland. Apart from that, the emphasis on nature and the contrasting seasons was sort of exotic for me. All this, and no tuition fees made it a very attractive destination.

University of Helsinki has always ranked under the top 100 universities of the world. The opportunity to work with all the great minds, getting to choose any course from any department and the informal atmosphere makes it very special. Continue reading

Meet our students!”I would love to work in field of Human Rights”


“I’ve got pretty much long name to start with ’Mian Awais Ahmad’, but you may call me Mian, I’m living in Helsinki since 2012.”

Name: Mian Awais Ahmad
Study field:
Campus: City Center Campus

Hi Mian! What made Finland stand out as your study destination?The main reason which made me pick Finland was about its strong understanding of equality between students i.e. free education for all.

Plenty of reasons that make University of Helsinki “so special”. That includes its fantastic reputation, high international ranking, rich history, culture, and excellent faculty of course.

So what has been the best part in your studies so far?
As a law student, the availability of vast opportunities outside text books. For example, I have joined Law School Clinic at the moment which gave me a chance to work with refugees and asylum seekers. Continue reading

Meet our students! “The next step for me would be to pursuit a PhD”

marjoleinName: Marjolein Sliepen
Study field: Master’s program in Chemistry, The faculty of Science
Campus: Kumpula
From: Netherlands

“After living in the Netherlands for twenty years, I felt it was time for a change and applied to universities abroad, and got accepted to the University of Helsinki.”





Hello Marjolein! What made Finland stand out as your study destination?
I have always been very interested in the Nordic countries. There is a nice and friendly atmosphere, beautiful nature, and high quality of living. When searching for a suitable master program, I started looking for universities there. I heard many positive stories about living and studying in Finland. This is the reason why I applied for the University of Helsinki.

So University of Helsinki is quite special place?
There is a lot of freedom for students at the University of Helsinki. You can give a lot of input, and there are many different courses to choose from. Besides this there are many resources for students, plenty of study spaces, beautiful libraries, sport facilities, etc. This all helps to make the study process very smooth. Continue reading

Be active, active and more active!

MA Qian

MA Qian is one of our International Student Ambassadors

Dear New students,

I can never forget the excitement that kept me up all night when I received the admission letter from University of Helsinki on 1st May, 2012. How I pictured what my student life would be, what my classmates and teachers would look like, how I could survive the Finnish winter, where I would be living… Now two and a half years have passed within a blink; I graduated from my master’s programme last December, and then moved away from Finland this January to start my new career in the UK. Being away from Finland makes me reflect on my time there. Constantly I am considering what were the most meaningful experiences I had at the University of Helsinki, and how differently I would perform if given a second chance to live my student life. I have summarized my thoughts below, hopefully it will give you some insights into planning your own student life, especially at this beginning moment when you are equally excited and lost. Continue reading