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Welcome new students!

The beginning of the academic year is almost here and more than 250 staff members of the Student Services are waiting for you to arrive! During the past year we have had some big changes in the degree programmes and University Services. We want to make sure that you will find us easily and have no hesitation to ask us anything. You will recognize us from the pink t-shirts with the text ASK ME!

Where is my lecture room or the nearest UniCafe located? Where can I borrow books or find a quiet place to study? You can also turn to our academic staff in many of your questions. That’s why we have challenged them to wear pink ASK ME! pin badges. Don’t hesitate to ask!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Career paths: When Afaque got the ac­cept­ance let­ter, he was over­joyed that he’ll be study­ing where Linux was in­ven­ted.

Name: Afaque Hassan
Study Field: Faculty of Science, Master’s programme in Computer ScienceGraduation year: 2015
Employer and position: Helvar, Software Engineer

From my childhood, I was interested in computers as there were limitless creative possibilities with it. During my teen-age years I encountered Linux, to which I was absolutely hooked. Back then, I already knew that Linux was invented by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki (UH). During my bachelor’s studies I interned at Nokia, during which time I got to know more about Finland and UH as some of my colleagues were UH graduates. After my bachelor’s studies, I applied to UH for Master’s studies in computer science. When I got the acceptance letter from the university, I was overjoyed that I’ll be studying where Linux was invented. It’s a privilege and dream come true computer science professionals to study at UH. Continue reading

Why studying Chinese law is vital in the age of globalisation?

Why studying Chinese law is vital in the age of globalization?

Understanding how the legal system functions in the Chinese society is vital for students who are interested in international affairs and the global economy. China’s increasing economic and political power and its evolving role in global governance have drawn international attention to its legal system.

The Chinese legal system is shaped by the country’s political arrangement and national heritage. China’s long history has produced rich cultural traditions that continue to influence the development of the Chinese legal system. While maintaining some features of the traditional legal culture, the contemporary legal system in China has also developed under the influence of the common law and civil law traditions.

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Erasmus in Schools project

Dear student,

Welcome to Finland!

While you are here, would you like to have a possibility to interact easily with Finnish people outside your institution and studies? If so, one option is visiting a real Finnish school where you can experience a Finnish classroom by giving the students lectures as a visiting exchange student.

For exchange- and degree students abroad it is often easier to form contact with fellow exchange students rather than people outside the higher education institution. However, at the end of your exchange period one may notice not having possibilities to meet up with Finns, really experiencing the everyday life of the Finnish people. For this we have a suggestion for you: visiting a Finnish school and its staff & students through Erasmus in Schools –project!  Continue reading

Welcome to the Student Union!

You’ve arrived, all the paperwork is done, and you’ve registered for courses. Now you’re all set for your student life, the only thing to do is to wait for the lectures to start? Think again!

The key to an unforgettable time at the University of Helsinki is being active, joining student organisations, and meeting new people! The student union, HYY, offers you a student card with countless student discounts, affordable health care, and discounts on transport. Most importantly, though, the student union is home to a huge network of student organisations, new hobbies and awesome people from different faculties and countries – everything a student will need in Helsinki!


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Curriculum for Career Spring 2016

What is career planning? How do I market my knowledge and skills? What are the building blocks of a good job application or a CV? How to be successful at a job interview?

Plannin career

The University of Helsinki Career Services offers career skills training during the spring semester 2016 at the Centre Campus. The course consists of four 3-hour training sessions, and individual assignments between classes. The Curriculum for Career -course will be held in the University Main Building (Päärakennus, Fabianinkatu 33), in lecture hall 7 (sali 7).

The sessions are held as follows:
• Tuesday 10.5. at 9-12
• Wednesday 11.5. at 9-12
• Tuesday 17.5. at 9-12
• Wednesday 18.5. at 9-12.

Training sessions are open to all University of Helsinki students. The course language is English, but the course assignments may be handed in in Finnish, English or Swedish. The course can be completed as a 1 or 2 –credit course, depending on the amount of individual assignments. Course assignments will be handed in through Moodle. Please negotiate with your faculty/department about the credits if you plan to include the course in your degree. Career Services cannot register credits.

The course will be organized if a minimum of 20 students enroll. For further information, please contact:

Enrollment latest 6.5.

The Guide to the Complete Finnish Student Experience – Student Associations, 1/3

No Finnish student life experience is complete without joining a student association or two (or ten…)! Student life at UH and within the student union (HYY) is very active, and the New Student House hosts a variety of events and parties every single day!

The student associations within HYY are open to all students, and you too are invited to join! There are so many different student associations, though, so we’ve made joining one a bit easier for you: representatives of different student associations have written about what they do, and why and how to join them. These stories will be shared in a series of blog posts in February.

So, without further ado, here’s Emilia and Östra Finlands Nation, one of the 15 student nations of UH:

Hi there!

Have you been wondering where you could meet new people, make a lot friends and get to know the REAL Finnish student life? Joining a student nation is the answer for you! There are many student nations in Helsinki that you can join. What makes the nations different from another is that people from a certain area in Finland gather in a certain nation, but as an international student you are welcome to join any nation. I am here to tell you about our lovely nation – Östra Finlands Nation (ÖFN)!


Members of Östra Finlands Nation enjoying the students’ First of May picnic ©ÖFN

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Apply for HelsinkiSecretResidence 2016 & live like a local for 3-6 nights!

We want to offer you the opportunity to have the experience of the lifetime in the nicest student city in the world.

© Jussi Hellsten

© Jussi Hellsten

Together with Visit Helsinki, University of Helsinki will offer an opportunity to get to know our city for social media influencers. Your focus can be on a single platform like blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. This will open endless possibilities for adventure for you. Also you will have the chance to visit our internationally top ranking university, and meet our students & researchers. Does this sound amazing to you? We think so too! And on top of that, we will offer you the flights and Visit Helsinki will offer you high-quality residence for selected quests interested in the study and science theme. Continue reading

Friends and Benefits: Welcome to your Student Union!

Student life is not just about completing your degree. Student life is also about meeting new people, dialogue, sharing ideas, learning together, and forming lifelong friendships

One of the best things about studying at the University of Helsinki is the active community of students. Community spirit improves your well-being, and over 250 different student organisations within the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) open up a field of opportunities. Participating in the events and activities of these organisations is a great way to not only make friends and have fun, but to learn new skills and gain access to networks which can prove useful in your future working life.


The First of May eve, the biggest student event of the spring term, and definately something to look forward to! Photograph © Mikko Virta

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Short and long days

Helsinki gave exchange student Esteban Halabi Flores the chance to practice one of his favourite hobbies: languages.

“So the sun is up before 6 in the morning, and it goes down after 10 at night?!”  Last summer, my mother was mesmerized when I told her about the length of a typical Finnish day.  I had recently gotten off the long flight coming from Costa Rica, and was in the process of reporting back to her with all the new curiosities of life up north.  As a native from the Tropics, seeing the sun past 6 in the evening was both confusing and exciting.  What was I going to do with all those new hours of daylight? Continue reading