Student Ambassadors

The best way to learn about University of Helsinki is from the students who are here now! Our Ambassadors will share their insights and experiences on studies, career and life in Helsinki. So stay tuned!

If you want to contact our ambassadors please visit Facebook page or via email, please check email-addresses here.

Meet our International Student Ambassadors for the year 2017!

Sara Haapanen (International Student Ambassador Coordinator)



I’m Sara, this is my second year as an ambassador. I study urban geography here at the university. I’m from England originally and have been living and working in Finland for a number of years (yes, I admit my Finnish is not great either, it’s a continuous work in progress). I’m also a mother and enjoy the balance studying gives me.

I am really enjoying my studies, learning some very interesting things and meeting new people along the way. I love that studying here means you get to study any topic you may find interesting or just want to know about from the history of alcohol in England to something about the global political economy.

The staff are great, the courses are wide and varied and there are some fascinating fellow students. There are no limitations when it comes to learning.

Personally I love to spend time with my family and friends, I’m vegan and love cooking and and baking. I enjoy trying out different sports and UniSport (university provider) certainly aids that. I even enjoy a couple of sessions of ice swimming every year – you have to try it once!

Looking forward to meeting you here, and please don’t hesitate to ask anything. You can email any ambassador or look at our Facebook page

Esther Veas

esther-photoTerve! My name is Esther and I am a first year student of Media and Global Communication, an International Master’s programme in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki. I am originally from Spain, although I graduated with a BA in Media Studies from the University of East Anglia in the UK, concretely in the charming city of Norwich. After graduating in 2016, I decided that in my career, I would like to combine my interest in media and communications with my passion for languages, and Helsinki seemed like the perfect place to do so, while brushing up on my Finnish!

I had been to Helsinki a few times before settling down here to study full time, and funnily enough, I used to hate it! Yet as soon as I arrived, suitcases in tow, it suddenly began to feel like home. It is easy to love the acres of parkland and the neoclassical buildings, but other more urban-looking districts like Kallio or Sörnäinen became easier to love.

The University has so far been a very welcoming environment. My course does not have that many students, so the staff has offered plenty of guidance in matters such as our Master’s thesis, or what courses to sign up to. As for societies, I quickly joined Akateeminen Laulu, one of the many choirs on offer, and instantly felt at home—so much so, that I decided to join the board as a treasurer for 2017! CISSI, or the Organisation for International Social Scientists, has also been a great association to experience, and I look forward to helping them aid international students as a Deputy Board Member next year as well.

I would also advise international students to join a student nation—it might seem a little bit daunting at first, but they put so many events on, and everyone speaks generally good English so there’s not much to be afraid of! And if you decide to learn Finnish (which is anyway so worth it!), these are places where you can immerse yourself in the language and culture. Finland is a very funny little country, with so many customs and traditions; there is so much to learn and explore!

Abhishek Singh

“Moi! Hello! My name is Abhishek. I am a first year Master’s student at University of Helsinki. I am studying Molecular Biosciences with Biochemistry as my major. I am an Indian and moved to Helsinki few months back. University life has been amazing till now. Courses here are well structured and taught by great faculties. Apart from studies, students can join different clubs present at their respective campuses. Student organisation and clubs organises various events allowing students to enjoy their stay at the University.

Helsinki is an incredible place to live in. Although I am from a tropical country, it didn’t took me very long to get accustomed to the weather. Language is not a major barrier over here as most of the Fins know English and are very helpful.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts. Hope to see you all at University of Helsinki soon!!”

Akif Özkardes

akif-photoMoi! My name is Akif, first year PhD student in political science at the Department of Political and Economic Studies. I am from Izmir, Turkey. The University of Helsinki is the fourth university that I am studying in, previously Izmir University of Economics (Turkey), Leiden University (The Netherlands), and METU NCC (Cyprus).

I have been here in Helsinki since September 2016 and I can confidently say that I made the right choice in pursuing my post-graduate studies at the University of Helsinki! My most positive impression in my programme is the fact that our ideas, aims and inspirations are not restricted through strict rules and programme schedules. Being an independent researcher is highly promoted and appreciated at the University of Helsinki! Moreover, university professors and administrative staff are always accessible and helpful.

Helsinki is a peaceful yet energetic and active city with full of professional and social opportunities. I am here not only for academic purposes but also for meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds, learning different languages and experiencing a new way of life in the Nordic region. I enjoy grabbing a beer and discussing about philosophy, politics, history, cinema and music for hours.

Questions?  We, human beings are always full of questions indeed. 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me for any questions you may have! I would really love to hear from you!


Basma Ragab

basma-photoHi, my name is Basma, I come from Egypt. I am a first year Master student at the Faculty of Environmental and Biological Sciences (Biochemistry major).  Although I came here 4 months ago only, but I feel like I lived here long time ago, Helsinki seems like home to me, it is one of the safest cities in the world to live in.  I really liked the quite lifestyle here, the beautiful nature everywhere, Also Finns are very modest and friendly friends, although being shy and reserved at first. Furthermore, the international study environment, the high quality teaching and research   and the helpful stuff of the university have all impressed me.

I am now sure that everyone will fall in love with Helsinki and whatever your main goals in life are; studying at the top ranking university will give you numerous opportunities for your professional life. Also you can enjoy your student life and find a lot of activities to do and of course learn a lot. Since I came here I have started to feel more active and productive and I am really so happy and proud being part of the university ambassadors group, this means a lot to me

I would be happy to hear from you guys! Do not hesitate and ask me any questions.

See you in Finland soon.

Kashif Malik

kashif-photo“I am a Masters degree student at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. My major subject is English Philology. I love photography and bowling. You can contact me for matters regarding student life, traveling (student discount), accommodation and the Faculty of Arts.”


Oyelowo Oyedayo

oyedayo-photoAlways give excuses to win, it pays to be a winner!

My name is Oyelowo Oyedayo, the youngest of four brothers. I am 22 years old, presently majoring in geoinformatics at the department of Geography and geosciences, University of Helsinki. I hail from the ancient city of Ibadan where I had my primary, secondary and tertiary education. I grew up in Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria.

After I finished my bachelor’s degree from the University of Ibadan, I started seeking to explore new horizons; a complete deviation from my hitherto experience – different climate, environment, culture, education system etc.

Even though I got several other opportunities to study in my home country and several others in Europe and North America, my best decision was choosing University of Helsinki out of those ten. I am so glad I did! Tranquil study sceneries, friendly and approachable teachers, great people. The list is inexhaustible. Above all, I have managed to survive the cold subzeros. Sometimes, I even sweat in my room because it is well heated. It is so tropical. *pun intended*

I have been here for just four months and what I have learnt and experienced is invaluable. I wish more students – especially African students – would get more involved in extracurricular activities. It is fun and helpful to oneself to make life easy for others.

Even though, you might not be in the group, we all –  as students of University of Helsinki – are great ambassadors of the wonderful wellspring of knowledge. Hence, we should always keep the sense of responsibility of promulgating and representing the image of the school.  The little information you share to the next person goes a long way! I have equally benefitted tremendously from casual conversations I have had with friends across faculties.

It’s an indescribable feeling to be in the best university in the country that undoubtedly has one of the best education system in the world (In fact, the best!). I encourage you to join us today as one of the top 1% in the world. it’s fulfilling and worthwhile!

I would be glad to have formal and informal inquiries responded to. Furthermore, remember, that I am also a student and a friend.

Others can bring you more joy as you show interest in their doings!

Let’s make it a great year ahead!

Min Wang

min-photoHi! My name is Wang Min. I come from Inner Mongolia, China. It’s the second year of my master’s study in Food Science. I really love and enjoy both the study and life in Finland.

University of Helsinki, I would like to say, is really a good place to start your further study and will provide you memorable experiences. Various courses are quite attractive and practical, for me especially the lab course. High qualities in education have taught and improved me a lot. I feel happy to read books in library because of its pure, quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Also, a lot of activities such as skating, jogging, going for a BBQ and traveling make my life special and interesting.

I hope to meet you here. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Pinky Dutta

pinky-photoHey! I am Pinky from India.

I am a cheerful person, who likes to enjoy Finnish nature while studying at the one of the best universities of the world. I stumbled upon the University of Helsinki as a visiting student and was left awestruck with it. I joined this institution as part of the Erasmus Mundus BRAVE programme and am continuing with my education at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. I am currently pursuing my Master degree in Plant Production Sciences with Plant Pathology as my major. I am very passionate about nature and always look for the presence of plant pathogens wherever I go. Finland being a country surrounded by greenery is the best place to be with such an insane hobby. The country also with its exceptionally well planned educational system got me hooked to my study.

If you are planning to join this prestigious institution, just fill in the application and pack your bags… ‘cause this is the best place to be. Don’t be shy to ask questions if you are stuck, we at the Student Ambassadors team are here to help!

Iftekhar Chowdhury

ifty-photoMoikka!! (Hello) I am Iftekhar Mahmud Chowdhury. I know it is a big name. You can call me Ifti, short and sweet. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from BRAC University, Bangladesh. I started my Master in Biotechnology from August, 2015. Since I came from one of the most densely-populated countries, arriving to Helsinki was jumping to the opposite end of the spectrum, starting from food, culture, climate, landscape, infrastructure to almost everything. Finland has the best education system and the whole approach towards education is phenomenal. I was pleasantly surprised with the educational philosophy which attracts many international exchange students. 12 years ago, to me Finland was only known for Nokia phones, long lasting durable phones MADE IN FINLAND. Now I have come to realize that Finland has a lot more and better to offer than those Nokia phones.

The capital hosts one of the top-ranked Universities in the world. University of Helsinki conducts high-throughput research which was one of the primary reasons why it was my top choice of institution for my postgraduation. I always wanted to pursue a research-oriented career and the curriculum provided me with a lot of practical experience and multidisciplinary theoretical/laboratory based courses which are an asset when it comes to applying for higher studies or research based career. The students from the University of Helsinki achieve a lot of success, both in corporations and academia due to the strong academic culture combined with practical knowledge.

Finland is a textbook example of a country founded on humanity and morality. I found out that Finland runs on trust which makes it an ideal place for international students. It can easily become their home away from home. Since most of the citizens speak English, communication is quite easy and the helpful nature of the Finns makes integration much simpler. Finland is an amazing country to live in and I would like to welcome the new students to this magical country and hopefully see you in the future at one of the several events taking place every day.

Usama Mukhtar


Hi everyone,

My name is Usama Mukhtar, and this is my second semester in Department of Computer Science, at University of Helsinki. I belong to a small town, known as Tharpal, located about a 100 miles from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. I moved to Helsinki about 4 months ago, and have really enjoyed my stay here so far. During this short span of time, I have grown up a lot by meeting a lot of new people from various cultures. I have also had the opportunity to travel to a couple of neighboring countries as well.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering in June 2016, from National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, and am currently pursuing Master’s degree in Computer Science at Kumpula Kampus. My subprogram is Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Algorithms. I have previously worked as a Database Specialist at Mega IT Solutions, Islamabad, and as a software engineer for MTM Group, Doha.

I am a foodie so my favorite hobbies are cooking and eating. Other than that, I enjoy travelling, watching movies, following and playing various kinds of sports.

Feel free to drop a message if you want to explore Helsinki or try out a new restaurant, or need any sorts of help.

Best Regards, Usama

Alexandra Shtromberg

Alexandra Shtromberg photo

Hejsan! My name is Alexandra and I am a 2nd year master student at the Faculty of Law, specialising in International Business Law. Originally I am from the Republic of Karelia (Russia) where people also speak Karelian, which is so close to Finnish! In 2015, I graduated from Petrozavodsk State University with bachelor of law degree and additional qualification of legal translator/interpreter (English – Russian). In future, I dream of combining legal practice with teaching at the university – sharing your knowledge is so inspiring!

Helsinki feels like home for me – distances are short, people are friendly and there is so many ways to escape bad weather getting engaged in student activites. I am an active member of Helsinki Debating Society, fond of yoga classes (which are held just in my study building, so comfortable!), graphic design and learning Swedish. It is already my second year as a Student Ambassador – the first year was already full of amazing events, travelling, learning new about different cultures and people.

The main advice I will give to you is to never doubt your talents and listen to your heart when choosing programmes you are applying to. And always, always ask questions whenever you have even a little concern about admission process. Sometimes small detail or a piece of advice can really change the situation! Just contact me!

P.S. And never trust memes that Finnish is the hardest language to learn – it didn`t took me really much time to start speaking Finnish fluently, as soon as you start liking it, you will succeed.

You can also follow my blog to learn more about life as a student in the University of Helsinki:

Le Bao Ngoc Pham

Pham le Bao Ngoc_PhotoHello! My name is Le Bao Ngoc Pham, a 23-year-old student from Vietnam and currently study International Public Law at the Faculty of Law. The University of Helsinki was not my first choice for admission. However, after 06 months studying here, I came to understand that I have made the right decision.

A multicultural environment with high quality teaching, friendly classmates and considerate teachers that the University offers guarantees to be an experience I may never forget.

It is a great honor to be selected as International Student Ambassador of the University and I could not wait to give my assistance to prospective students.

Nishadh Perera

Hey! I’m Nishadh, an international master’s degree student from Sri Lanka. I’m currently a first year student studying computer science as my major at the department of science of University of Helsinki. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Sri Lanka from University of Moratuwa and started my master’s degree in UHe few months back.

I decided to apply to University of Helsinki for the computer science master’s program as I found out the content of the course very interesting with a large number of focus areas. The study programs are flexible and encourages the students to explore the focus areas to broaden the knowledge. I have only completed my first semester here and I’m really impressed with the course content, teaching techniques, lecturers and the student life in Helsinki.

Apart from the academic benefits, student life is full of various celebrations, events from different student organizations allowing the student to enjoy the student life. Further University of Helsinki is rich in the number of international students from all over the world. If you are interested in making new friends and experience different cultures Helsinki is the place to be!

You are welcome to contact me for any questions you may have. Hope to see you in University of Helsinki soon!

Suveda Vignesh Maran

suveda-photoMoi! Hey! Vanakam! Kon’nichiwa! I am Suveda Vignesh Maran (Vikki) from India. I am pursuing my master’s degree in molecular biosciences with a specialisation in Biochemistry at the Viikki Campus of the University of Helsinki. I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology from India. I have heard a lot about Finland and its education system before coming here from former students at Helsinki. It is a very student friendly nation altogether from my experience.

I was initially planning to apply to Sweden or the US, but decided to come here for all the student benefits and the strong education system that University of Helsinki had to offer. If you are from a tropical country (Like me) or from any part of the world (Not you, Iceland) living in Finland would be a surreal experience for you. The University of Helsinki is one of the leading research universities in Europe. It has a strong academic culture and robust research programmes. The Finnish education system places the responsibility on the student rather being rigid and over controlling. The teachers are quite friendly and helpful.

  • I absolutely love the sauna which is a quintessentially Finnish invention.
  • Did you know the Finnish national epic, Kalevala inspired a young English scholar named JRR Tolkien to write a small book called The Lord of The Rings?
  • Most Finns have almost native English proficiency.
  • Finland has 1Mbps internet connection as a legal right. I rest my case.
  • Finland is full of surprises. Think Clear. Head North.

I would love to hear from you guys! See you soon!

Shirajum Monira

ShirajumMoikka! I’m Shirajum Monira (nickname Erina), a 23 year old International Master’s degree student originally from Bangladesh, a small green country located in South Asia. At present I am studying in the second year with major in physics and specialization on Particle Physics. After graduation I would like to pursue a PhD in Astroparticle physics and continue research in this particular field of Particle Physics.

On September, 2013 I moved to Helsinki after completing a Bachelor of Science degree with triple major in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from Bangalore, India. Although my Bachelor thesis was in the field of Radio Astronomy but later it seemed my true passion remained elsewhere.

Joining university of Helsinki was a life changing experience for me, and it’s not only because of the excellent facilities provided for students but also for the positive atmosphere which motivates students to learn. Since I switched my discipline after Bachelor’s degree, so first year here had been quite confusing but the immense support and encouragement from the professors helped me finding that true passion. We learn to study independently and effectively grow new skills in a friendly international environment.

The Finnish culture is another thing which impressed me the most. People here are open minded, and welcoming. Finland’s unique nature; beautiful forests, colourful autumn and peaceful people made me feel like a home away from home. On my arrival in Finland I was worried about extreme winter here, but guess what? Now I eagerly wait for more snow!

One thing for sure, Finland is the best country for students to study and enjoy life at the same time. Tervetuloa Suomi!

If you are thinking to apply here and need information, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

We would also like to thank all our former student volunteers who have helped to make our new students feel most welcome to UH!

75 thoughts on “Student Ambassadors

  1. I m so excited to come and study in the university of helsinki in finland but still have 2years to accomplish in here
    -Meriem from Morocco

  2. Hello, I am Ashama from Nepal. I have been accepted for international master’s degree in biotechnology. Is there any one from the same field to get more acquainted before I come? 🙂 Love to make new friends and get familiar with the atmosphere.

  3. hello, i am a Cameroonian studying last year Political Sciences
    it will be very nice for me to study in the university of Helsinki come 2014
    i will like to study my masters Program in Democracy and Global transformation
    hope to meet new friends and acquintances
    facebook address is vadys thierry

  4. Hlw, I am Faqrul from Bangladesh. I complete my BSc in Forestry from one of the leading university of Bangladesh. I want to pursue my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology (MBIOT) under Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, university of Helsinki. Is my degree is eligible to apply for this MS program? Do I need any publication and work experience to apply? Waiting for your replay.


    • Hello!

      Regrettably, we cannot make any advance assessments on the information you have given, as the student selections are carried out by the faculties and departments of the University of Helsinki (UH). They will assess your previous studies once you have submitted your application – along with the requested documents for admission – but not before.

      For general entry requirements for the MBIOT programme, please see


    • Hello Nusaiba! Thank you for your message. Regrettably, as HND (Higher National Diploma) is a higher education qualification that is considered equivalent to the first two years of a university course, it is not sufficient for applying to the Master´s level at the University of Helsinki. You would need the have a fully completed Bachelor´s degree to be eligible for Master´s studies.

      The University of Helsinki does not offer any undergraduate majors/degree programmes in English. Only the two domestic languages, Finnish and Swedish, can be used in undergraduate studies. Also the entrance examinations, which have to be passed to be admitted to undergraduate studies, are given entirely or partly in Finnish and Swedish. Best wishes, Katja/Admissions Services

  6. Hi
    I’ve just finished my university in iran.and I love to start master of food sience in finland but I’m afraid because I don’t know anything about living in finland.
    Can you please give me some information and connect with me ? This is my email address:
    I hope that with your guidance I can make my dreams real.

  7. Hello,

    My name is Juliana. I am interested to pursue my Master’s Degree in ATMO (Adult Education and Developmental Work Research). I found that one of the student ambassador was taking the program. I want to know more about the program by discussing it with Ms. Ma Qian. May I get her e-mail address for further information about the experience of the program?

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

  8. Hello, my name is Angel Zhang.

    I am interested in pursuing my master’s degree in biotechnology (MBIOT) and I would like to speak with one of the ambassadors of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry about their experience at applying and studying.

    Thank you so much for your time and for serving others.


    Angel Zhang

  9. Arvin. from Iran..23 years old. i study economic(bachelor) .
    If I am a undergraduate student in the final semester can I apply for admission for MA Economics in Finland this month.?(in December 2013)
    (I will graduate in two months later,when your admission finish)
    And the second question: score for IELTS is important for send in first admission? ..or i can send it later?
    3 question: what grade accept for master in Finland?

    • Dear Arvin,

      Thank you for your message. You can apply even if you haven´t graduated yet. If you have not graduated by the time the application period for the programme you are applying to begins, you are required to submit an officially certified copy of your latest transcript of records. See also the Country-specific requirements,, on how to authorize your educational documents. If you receive the degree certificate and the final transcript of records during the application period, it is recommended that you submit them as well.

      You should point out the anticipated graduation date on the application and submit the documents you have at the time of applying. Do not wait to receive your final diploma or degree certificate if it is not available during the application period.

      Please note that conditionally accepted applicants are required to present their degree certificates by July 29, 2014, at 16:15 local time (GMT +2).

      A language test or other accepted proof or your language skills is essential, it must be submitted by the application deadline January 31, 2014, otherwise your application can not be processed. Please see for accepted methods to indicate your language skills.

      Kind regards,
      Katja/Admissions Services

  10. Hello Everyone,

    I am interested to pursue my masters in Bioinformatics at University of Helsinki.

    I have a problem regarding the submission of Language Test requirements document, I have scored 86 in my first attempt of TOEFL iBT which is less than minimum required score of 92 besides satisfying the minimum requirement in writing section of 22(i got 25). Moreover, if we convert the TOEFL iBT score 86 into IELTS, it will be exactly 6.5 which is also accepted by the university.

    The next available test dates for TOEFL iBT are on or after 12th Jan’14. Once the test is taken on the next least possible date, the scores probably may or may not reach UAF before the application deadline 31st Jan’14.

    Could you please advise me on the same? Will i get any extra time to submit the latest test scores after the deadline, if i submit the application with the old scores ??

    Thanks in advance !!!

    • Hello and thank you for your message!

      If your language test score is below the minimum, your application file will not be processed further (see:

      However, you will be given time to supplement your application (10 working days from the processing date of your application), so you can send in your application form and the other attachments by the application deadline January 31, 2014. Please note that you can supplement your application only once after the deadline has passed. Please note also that if your application form arrives later than January 31, 2014 at 16:00/4 p.m. (GMT +2), your application will be considered late and can not be processed at all.

      Merry Christmas!

      Kind regards,
      Katja /Admission Services

  11. hi, my name is Girdhari pandram from India. i have completed bachelor degree in the discipline of Agriculture, i m looking for admission in 2years master programme in agriculture. MY SKYPE ID girdhari.pandram.cell

  12. Hello

    I am interested in doing a masters in Political Science at the University of Helsinki, but it seems that it is only offered in Finnish. My question is that could I do that same masters in English?
    Thank You
    Best Regards

  13. I’m Aayush from Nepal. I m currently a 3rd year student of Bachelor of Technology in IT. My graduation completes next year. I want to pursue Masters in Computer Science from UH. My CGPA will be around 6.6. will I be eligible for the course mentioned? Are there any other South Asian students studying Computer science i can get help from regarding the complete admission process? I would be grateful if you could shed some light in admission process in computer science. Waiting for reply. Thanks!

    • Hi Aayush, and thank you for your interest in the University of Helsinki.

      We do offer an international master’s degree programme in computer science at UH, and in order to get admitted a suitable bachelor’s degree from a compatible field is required from the applicant. To check whether your bachelor’s degree is compatible with the international master’s degree programme in computer science, please contact the Faculty of science: The next application period begins in early December 2014 and ends in the end of January 2015.

      Regarding information about the application process, please check our admissions pages:

      For more information regarding the international master’s degree programme in computer science, please check:

      Best regards

  14. Hello my question is I’ve done the post grad diploma from London.Now I want to become a chef so my question is do I need to take admission in bachelors? Or will I get admission in masters?? At the moment m around 31 of age thanks

    • Hi, and thank you for your enquiry. Regrettably, the University of Helsinki does not offer any culinary education programmes.

  15. Hello everyone. Mohammad Ahsan Qureshi from Pakistan here. I graduated with a double degree from a local university, in Economics and Finance and have been working as a Researcher for a year with a think-tank based in Islamabad.
    I believe it is time to pursue my masters and looking around, I have indeed fallen in love with the nordic areas. I have many reasons for it, something I hope to personally share with some of you if and when I manage to reach Finland.
    I need you to confirm a few things for me:
    * The website clearly states that the trail period of fees has ended in 2014. I need you to confirm if University of Helsinki will not be charging me any tuition fee.
    *Moving forward, I have with me a few months before the admissions open. I will be ofcourse working on my Finnish Language skills during this period. Is there any other thing I should be working on which would help me in getting a job via which I can pay for my basic necessities while I am there. Any specific skills that I should learn?
    *Is there any specific experience that can help strengthen my C.V. for a Finnish market or university?
    *Does the university offer lodging at the campus?
    * I will be applying through the website and I am told that this alone is way I can. How long till I get a response from the university? When would the semester start?
    *Lastly, as far as passions go, I am a writer. I have had a few publications and am currently working on a novel [half way through]. The point is that if it were upto me, i would prefer working as an english tutor or a librarian, a bookstore salesman etc. Is it possible to get such jobs for Masters students in Finland?


    • Thank you for your message,

      At present the University of Helsinki does not charge any tuition fees. However, all undergraduate and graduate students are required to pay an annual Student Union fee of c. 100 EUR. The university does not offer lodging on campus, but here we have gathered some useful information regarding housing:

      The application period for our international masters degree programmes starts on 1 December 2014 and ends on 30 January 2015. Due to the amount of applications, processing them may take several months. The fall semester begins in early September. For a full list of programmes, see:

      For further information regarding the application process and requirements, please read our Admissions pages:

      Kind regards,

      Admissions services

  16. this is saud James from Pakistan,I am a dairy technologist doing job as Q.A.E in milk processing company ,now want to get admission in Master in food sciences but on scholarship.Kindly guide is there any scholarship for international students or if not them what is the total cost for the cost ,Secondly I don’t have IELTS yet and without IELTS either I am eligible to apply or not.

    • Hello,

      and thank you for your interest in the University of Helsinki. You can read all about our language requirements on the following link:

      In short; you cannot apply without valid means of proving your language skills, you need a IELTS test or equivalent.

      Below you will find a short overview of funding options in Helsinki:


      Students who have been accepted to study in one of the 2014 nominated International Master`s Degree Programmes (IMDPs) are, in the beginning of their first year of studies, eligible for the Helsinki University International Student Grant. Further information regarding the grant and on the application process is available at



      The Finnish Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) offers scholarships for visitors to Finland from abroad, primarily for postgraduate (PhD) studies and research. These scholarships include CIMO Fellowships, Bilateral scholarships based on cultural agreements between Finland and over 30 countries around the world, Baltia 75 scholarships, and Kindred Nation Programme scholarships.

      Scholarships for Finnish studies and research are offered either for postgraduate studies and research at a Finnish university or for advanced (i.e. Master’s level) studies of the Finnish language. CIMO also runs a Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Programme based on university networks, with the participating institutions responsible for selecting the exchange students.

      Read more on CIMO’s website, Discover Finland: the scholarship section.


      Most grant and scholarship programmes, offered by various foundations and other organizations in Finland, are also open to international students and researchers. The University Helsinki offers its degree students two funding databases as to facilitate the search for grants and scholarships relevant to their lines of study or research themes. Use the Orientation Handbook´s PDF version ( on the How to apply? website for reference.


      Admissions Services

      P.O. Box 3 (Fabianinkatu 33)
      FI-00014 University of Helsinki

  17. Hi,

    I am a 21 year old student from South Korea.
    Just have a question with regards to the language requirements: do all graduates(non-EU international applicants) other than those from Aus/Can/US must provide proof of language proficiency?
    I have attended schools in America since Grade 8 and have completed a bachelor degree in English.

    *Also by when does GRE test have to arrive at the admissions office?

    Best Regards,

  18. hello there!
    first of all i would like to thank you for giving such a very important information to the international students. i want to ask that can a student apply for the master studies without having EILTS score card in hand but have taken and the result is yet to be announced. result would be announced after the deadline of addmission!

    • Hello,

      based on our experience, any test taken later than the application period deadline will be too late as comes to receiving the score in time for the application process. This true even if the possible personal extended time (two weeks counting from the day when the application and other documents have been processed) is considered.


      Admissions Services

  19. Hi everybody I want to start studying Genetics at UH this year. I know the entrance exam includes Biology and Chemistry. Is there any current student that can remember more or less what are the Biology topics to be studied? I really want to pass the exam and start this year!



  20. Hello!

    A quick question.
    How many students did the University accept for the year of 2014 in MA Economics? Also, could you please provide the total number of applicants and the proportion of international students(MA in Economics)? Thank you!


  21. Hey!

    I have recently completed my Graduation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a dual degree program in accounting and finance from Asia Pacific University, Malaysia and Staffordshire University, Uk. My convocation is in November. I want to do my Masters in Finland. My preferred courses are Accounting/Finance/MBA.

    Need assistance of this team.


  22. Hi
    I am an Algerian student in the second year of a university in the Division of Technology ,Can I complete my studies in this universit ?ans how ?
    thank you .

  23. hello:
    I want to apply for Masters degree programme. I have completed by Bs(Hons) degree in Statistics from Punjab University, Lahore Pakistan. Can you please provide me the following detail for applying at helsinki university:
    – can i apply without ielts or toffel my degree is in english also medium of instruction & examination in university of punjab is in english?
    – Do i required any bank statement? if yes, how much and for what duration?
    – is there any other specific requirement of the Helsinki University?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for interest in the University of Helsinki and the International Master’s Programmes (IMPs). All IMPs are available fully in English. Below you will find an information package about applying to our International master’s degree programmes.

      The application period for International Master´s Programmes beginning the autumn of 2016 (2016 admissions) opens in early December 2015 and closes on January 27, 2016 at 3:00 pm (GMT +2). For more information on the International Master´s Programmes (IMP), see

      The University of Helsinki has only one application and starting period for international students.

      The electronic application form will be available during the application period only at Applicants who have completed their qualification degree outside of EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland will be charged a non-refundable application fee of 100 euro.

      Tuition fees will be introduced in 2017. Many details are still open and only an estimate of the minimum fee can be given: 1500 euro per year has been suggested. If you start as a non-fee-paying student, you will continue as such until you graduate with a Master’s degree. Applicants who have completed their qualification degree outside of EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland will be charged a tuition fee.



      – – The printout of the finalized PDF-format application form

      – Your university transcript or mark sheet that includes full information on your completed coursework, the content of each course, and a chart indicating the grading system of the institution.

      – Your university diploma or degree certificate, if you have graduated with a university degree.

      – An academic reference/recommendation letter. Normally a voluntary enclosure, in TRANSMED (Translational Medicine programme) it is obligatory.

      The documents above must be submitted in their original language and as official (legalized) translations (into English, Finnish, or Swedish). Any photocopy (of any original document) must be legalized by a stamp and signature of an authorized official of the school or university that has issued the original document or by a notary public.

      Remember to pay attention to the country-specific requirements available at

      – The result of your language test. For acceptable ways of indicating your language skills, see

      If available:

      – A diploma supplement
      – A certificate supplement
      – An academic reference (for TRANSMED this is obligatory)

      Please note that the application will be processed in the faculty´s student selection procedure only if the enclosures meet the minimum requirements set by the University of Helsinki:

      Some International Master´s Programmes may request additional documents. For details, see

      Admission is paper-based: there is no examination to be passed or an interview to be cleared.

      Please note that if you apply for MORE THAN ONE MAJOR, you need to submit A FULL APPLICATION FILE (the printed application form and all obligatory enclosures) FOR EACH MAJOR you apply for. You cannot apply for more than a total of THREE (3) MAJORS.

      The University of Helsinki DOES NOT ACCEPT scanned applications or documents sent as attachments to an email message, neither do we accept faxed applications or documents. You should send your application documents in regular (air) mail or through an international courier service (UPS, DHL, TNT, Fed-Ex, etc.).

      Some International Master´s Programmes may request additional documents. For details, see

      Please note that for the ECONOMICS Master´s Programme, you are required to take the GRE General Test:

      All graduate applications and documents to University of Helsinki must be mailed to the following address:

      University Admissions Finland
      Unioninkatu 40B
      FI-00170 Helsinki

      University Admissions Finland (UAF) is a centralized application service established by Finnish universities. UAF´s task is to help applicants to go through the application process as smoothly as possible. If you have questions about the application procedure, the UAF personnel can help you via e-mail and over the telephone. For more information, visit the UAF website at

      UAF does not have appointment hours for visiting clients.

      The University of Helsinki (UH) is a research-intensive institution. This trend is also reflected in the International Master´s Programmes, taught entirely in English. These programmes provide students with skills needed in demanding professions and give a solid foundation for doctoral (PhD) studies. The prerequisite for the International Master´s Programmes or Master´s level studies in general, is a Bachelor´s degree of equivalent.

      The extent of the International Master´s Programmes is 120 ECTS credits. Two years of intensive full-time study is required of the student for graduation. All programmes follow the national legislation governing university education and are therefore recognized throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Quality of the programmes is ensured by an international quality assurance system. An important part of the system is the assessment of all research and education of the University of Helsinki carried out by international experts every six years.

      In 2016, all programmes are free of charge for all accepted students, EU and non-EU students alike. The exception to this rule is the two International Master´s Degree Programmes (Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry and Economy, State and Society) that have Euromaster or Erasmus Mundus status. These may have tuition fees.

      As indicated above, you must have a Bachelor´s degree or equivalent to qualify for entry to an International Master´s Programme. However, the Bachelor´s does not have to be exactly in the same field of study as the Master´s degree you are applying for. Most International Master´s Programmes accept students with a varying background. Some IMDPs may even accept students with a degree from a university of applied sciences. Nevertheless, major parts or modules in your past studies must be relevant to the programme you are applying for. Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences should always first contact the Admissions Services (

      Some programmes may require that the applicant’s degree is from a specific field. Please see the programme´s website for detailed requirements.

      The final assessment of your existing degree will be carried out once you have submitted your application. Detailed information regarding the types of degrees that are acceptable cannot be given in advance.

      However, you are able to compare the content Bachelor´s degree programme that you have completed with a similar one offered at the University of Helsinki by going through the course information on the appropriate department´s website at

      The programme/syllabus (often called a study guide) can usually be found by clicking the Studies or Courses link. You will find an overview of all classes offered in English at the Courses in English website at

      In order to qualify for Master´s level studies, your grades must be fairly good. At the University Helsinki, where a grading scale from 0 to 5 is used, a student wishing to enter Master´s studies must have 3 (three) as the average performance grade in the Bachelor´s degree. In some cases, the average grade requirement may be as high as 4/5 or even higher.

      Even if you are in the middle of the last year of your undergraduate university studies, you should still send in the documents that you have at the moment of application. Do not wait until you receive your final diploma or degree certificate, if it is not available within the application period. Instead, submit the documents you have and indicate in your application the anticipated university graduation date.

      For the majority of the programmes, the application deadline is January 27, 2016. University Admissions Finland (UAF) must receive the application form, including whatever enclosures you are able to submit. At UAF, the processing of applications will continue until the late February or early March. After this first stage of processing the application files are forwarded to the appropriate faculty.

      If you are planning to apply for one of the International Master´s Programmes, please note that Bachelor´s diplomas and transcripts may still be processed as late as July 15, 2016. However, this again may vary according to an individual Master’s programme.

      At present, the following Master´s Programmes are offered by the University of Helsinki (the coordinating faculty is in brackets):

      * Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (Euromaster):
      * Atmosphere Studies (Science):
      * Biology (Biological and Environmental Sciences):
      * Biotechnology (Biological and Environmental Sciences):
      * Chemistry (Science):
      * Computer Science (Science):
      * Democracy and Global Transformations (Social Sciences):
      * Economics (Social Sciences): (GRE General Test required!)
      * Economy, State and Society (Erasmus Mundus):
      * Environment and Natural Resources (Agriculture and Forestry):
      * Environmental Ecology (Biological and Environmental Sciences, in the city of Lahti):
      * Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration (Swedish School of Social Science):
      * European Studies (Arts/Social Sciences):
      * Food Sciences (Agriculture and Forestry):
      * Forest Sciences and Business (Agriculture and Forestry):
      * Geography and Geology (Science):
      * Intercultural Encounters (Arts/Social Sciences):
      * International Business Law (Law):
      * Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Science):
      * Media and Global Communication (Social Sciences):
      * Molecular Bioscience (Biological and Environmental Sciences)
      * Neuroscience (Biosciences):
      * Physical Sciences (Science):
      * Plant Production Science (Agriculture and Forestry):
      * Public International Law (Law):
      * Religion, Conflict and Dialogue (Theology):
      * Religious Roots of Europe (Theology):
      * Research Master´s Programme in Social Sciences (Social Sciences):
      * Statistics (Science):
      * Translational Medicine (Medicine):

      In addition to the International Master´s Programmes above, it is possible to study using only the English language in some regular majors/degree programmes at the Master´s level. For a complete list of faculties and their departments/majors see

      However, this often means that you end up taking numerous reading courses (i.e. reading set books and taking exams), as the majority of lecture courses are not offered in English. Please note that the situation can vary a great deal from one major to another.


      Below you will find a short overview of funding options in Helsinki.

      Students who have been accepted to study in one of the 2016 nominated International Master`s Programmes (IMDPs) are, in the beginning of their first year of studies, eligible for the Helsinki University International Student Grant. Further information regarding the grant and on the application process is available at

      Website address is

      Website address is

      The Finnish Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) offers scholarships for visitors to Finland from abroad, primarily for postgraduate (PhD) studies and research. Read more on CIMO’s website, Discover Finland, in the scholarship section.

      Most grant and scholarship programmes, offered by various foundations and other organizations in Finland, are also open to international students and researchers. The University Helsinki offers its degree students two funding databases as to facilitate the search for grants and scholarships relevant to their lines of study or research themes. Use the Orientation Handbook´s PDF version for reference (


      Admissions Services

      P.O. Box 3 (Fabianinkatu 33)
      FI-00014 University of Helsinki

      Tel. +358 2941 24140

  24. I Am medical student in Ukraine I am interested in post graduation in Finland
    I want to know how to apply and in which language the they teach
    How much will be fee

  25. Hello.
    I am Mina from Iran. I am studying master science of Nano material engineering. I am interested to know about available fund about my field for PHD at Helsinki.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    I am Ashutosh Jaiswal , currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Life Sciences(three years program) from Ramjas College, University of Delhi, India. I’m really interested in the master’s program offered in Neurosciences by your university. However, I have a few doubts regarding the requirements of the program and whether I will be able to financially support myself, which I hope you can clarify.
    These are as follows :-
    1. Being a student from an Indian University, am I eligible to apply for the course, given that my undergraduate program is only of three years?
    2. Also, if I could trouble you to brief me about the scholarships that I may be eligible to apply for?
    3. Is the program entirely in English ?
    4.Could you let me know the deadlines regarding the session 2017-2018?

    Thanking you in advance,
    Yours Obediently,

  27. Hello, I’m Shola from Nigeria. I would like to apply for the Masters Programme at your esteemed university. I’ve read up a lot online already, but there seems to be contradicting posts on some blogs, so I’m very confused already.

    I’ve a Bachelors degree in Economics Ed already and I would like to know the kind of options that are available to me.

    And also the process of application, and if the available full scholarships for an international student like me from Africa.

    Please your help would go a long way to shedding more light on a very confused issue.

    I look forward to hearing from you, (and maybe meeting you in a year’s time when I’ve been hopefully admitted.)

  28. Hi,i will come to UH to pursue my PhD thesis. Here, i had a question before arriving.
    What kinds of documents do i need to prapare for the register for my PhD programe when i arrving helsinki. I come from China with the national scholarship.
    Thank you for your help.

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