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Recent lectures from Sofia Laine:

13.2.2013 University of Helsinki: Development Studies: Development Studies and Social Science Theory -Course
Theoretical concepts & empirical studies: Bakhtin’s chronotopes, ‘cosmopolitan emancipation’ and ‘contact zones’

21.11.2012 University of Jyväskylä: Master’s Programme in Development and International Cooperation 2012-2014
Grounded globalizations of transnational social movements: Focusing on youth political engagement and the World Social Forums

12.11.2012 Helsingin työväenopisto (Helsinki’s Night School): Kansalaisvaikuttaminen eilen ja tänään-luentoserja (Civic engagement yesterday and today -lecture series)
Nuoret globaalit kansalaisvaikuttajat tänään (Young global civic actors today)

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