Art and research in an exhibition

Photographer Sakari Röyskö and project leader Hanna Lappalainen setting up the exhibition in Lappeenranta, cultural venue Nuijamies. Most of the pictures were in the city library nearby.

A new article was published in march 2020 about art and research. It’s in Finnish, but here is the abstract:

The aim of this study is to describe how linguistic biographies are combined with photographic art in an exhibition. The exhibition is part of the project in which biographies have been collected by interviewing, and part of the interviewees have been photographed. In the exhibition photos and written summaries based on the interviews have been combined. This article discusses how photos are interpreted in relation to the biographies. The data comprise of learning diaries of the students who visited the exhibition and interviews with the photographer and some of those who have been photographed. The linguistically oriented content analysis shows that the interpretations of the photos are mostly based on the location of the photographing as well as the appearance of the person in the photo. These observations have been connected with the use of languages, and language attitudes. In addition, the article analyses how the photographer discusses his choices of place and setting in a process of constructing linguistic biographies.

Keywords: linguistic biography, photographic art

Post doc researcher Kaarina Mononen and photographer Sakari Röyskö in the opening of exhibition in Oulu city library. Photo: Mai Frick.