Graduate students

  • Jussi Kettula: Stem curve model for linden based on TLS data
  • Atte Saukkola: Spatial accuracy of individual tree information collected by harvester
  • Satulotta Ansiomäki: Improving stem distribution and logging recovery estimation by using harvester data
  • Tomi Koivisto: Dense multi- temporal and spectral point clouds in measuring structural attributes of seedling stands
  • Juhani Rintarunsala: Comparison of various short-term methods for updating forest resource information
  • Virpi Stenman: Comparing different strategies for estimating individual stem volume in NFI
  • Henna Nummela: Estimating logging recovery using ALS-based single-tree inventory
  • Leena Lehtisara: Testing LiDAR-plot concept in estimating forest above-ground biomass in southern Finland
  • Tuomas Yrttimaa: Investigating capabilities of various 3D remote sensing data to capture variation in forest structure