Upcoming seminar on Plants & CH4 exchange – our ERC-project kick-off event on May 3rd

Welcome to a seminar on Plants & CH4 exchange – our ERC-project kick-off.

The main aim of MEMETRE project (headed by assoc. prof. Mari Pihlatie), is to raise the process-based understanding of CH4 exchange in boreal and temperate forests to the level where we can construct a sound process model for the soil-tree-atmosphere CH4 exchange.

This seminar will focus on CH4 exchange and the role of plants, bringing the leading scientists of the topic to present their latest findings.

Please register for the seminar by completing the registration form to ensure your cup of coffee! The seminar is supported by the DPPS and DENVI doctoral programmes.

Time and Place: 3rd May 2018, Viikki Campus, Biocenter 2, lecture hall 2041


09:00-09:30 Mari Pihlatie: Welcome and a short introduction: From processes to modelling of methane emissions from trees (MEMETRE)

09:30-10:00 Frank Keppler: Methanogenesis 2018 – An update

10:00-10:30 Katharina Lenhart: Terrestrial Vegetation as a Source of N2O to the Atmosphere

10:30-10:50 Coffee & tea

10:50-11:10 Raisa Mäkipää: Linkages between decomposing fungal community, asymbiotic nitrogen (N2) fixation and methane (CH4) in dead wood

11:10-11:40 Sunitha Pangala: The role of wetland-adapted trees in mediating methane emissions forested wetlands

11:40-12:10 Vincent Gauci: Upland forest methane dynamics spanning broad latitudinal gradients

12:10-12:30 Tuula Aalto: Modelling the global methane budget


  • Assoc. Prof. Mari Pihlatie, Environmental Soil Science, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research / Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Prof. Frank Keppler, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Prof. Katharina Lenhart, Technische Hochschule Bingen – University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • Res. Prof. Raisa Mäkipää, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finland
  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow Sunitha Pangala, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Vincent Gauci, School of Environment, Earth & Ecosystem Sciences, Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, The Open University, United Kingdom
  • Senior Research Scientist Tuula Aalto, Climate system research, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland