WANTED Summer workers / MSc thesis workers 

yes, we also want summer workers / MSc students. At least these topics

  1. Participation in field campaigns; measuring CH4, CO2 and N2O fluxes from trees in Pallas, Kenttärova
  2. Participating in lab experiments using Viikki Growth Chamber facility; focus on CH4 emission processes of tree seedlings
  3. Participation in molecular biology measurements of plant and soil samples; focus on CH4 cycling microbes and fungi and their role in tree CH4 dynamics (DNA extractions, sequencing, metabolomics)

Expertize required:

  1. Ability and willingness to work in the field. Background studies in forest ecology, environmental sciences, plant and soil sciences, microbiology, experience in research work is an asset; big plusses are previous work in the field, knowledge of greenhouse gas instruments, data analysis and programming skills, and no fear of heights (some of us get to do measurements in tree canopy)!
  2. Interest and understanding of plant biology, plant physiology, forest ecology; and/or isotopic tracer studies, isotopic labelling, C and N processes; big plusses in working with instruments, data analysis and programming skills
  3. Background studies on microbiology, plant biology, molecular biology or other laboratory skills/experience with soil / plant systems with a strong will to learn molecular biology methods; we also need long-term research assistants so if you don’t yet have the skills but would like to learn, we are ready to invest to teach you.

In all topics, we can offer MSc thesis topics (and BSc thesis topics), supervision and salary for 1-3 months + more if you fit well to the group 🙂

Contact: Mari Pihlatie (mari.pihlatie(at)helsinki.fi)