Experiments and field campaigns in 2019 vol. 2 

Pallas field campaigns

Pallas locates in Kittilä, +1000 km up north from Viikki. Our group spent there one month in total during the last summer, with the goal of measuring CH4 fluxes from trees and soil within the Arctic Circle. The Finnish Meteorological Institute kindly provided us with the accommodation next to the beautiful lake Pallasjärvi with a view to the fell Pallastunturi.

Pallastunturi and Pallasjärvi.

During the first campaign in late May/early June, we spent the most of the time getting covered by silicon, i.e. gluing lunch boxes on the tree stems. More than 100 glued lunch boxes later, we were ready to measure the stem CH4 fluxes at the Kenttärova hilltop and along the downhill all the way to the wetland sites.

Testing the stem chambers.

Climbing up the trees played a crucial role in our experiments. To measure the CH4 fluxes from the tree shoots, one had to ascend the +3 m ladders, fiddle with several tubes/nuts/bolts simultaneously, try not to breath and avoid inhaling blackflies. Shoots were only measured at the Kenttärova upland site.

Shoot measurements.

The nature in Pallas is absolutely beautiful. While waiting during the closures, there was a possibility to observe reindeer and even Siberian jays (Perisoreus infaustus). Also, there’s a nature trail nearby that is worth visiting, and some of us even ran to the top of Pallastunturi! We are hoping to go back to Pallas again this year.

The view over Kenttärova.