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Measuring the trace gas (methane, nitrous oxide, VOC) exchange of plant shoots is difficult. Our group spent multiple years to develop ShoTGa-FluMS, a system to quantify these fluxes.

Kohl et al., 2021. An automated system for trace gas flux measurements from plantfoliage and other plant compartments. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, preprint: 

ShoTGa-FluMS can control temperature, CO2, and humidity in shoot enclosures while keeping the system air-tight and measuring trace gas concentrations. We built two implementations in in a climate controlled cabinet and a greenhouse compartment.

While measuring the trace gas exchange of plant shoots is difficult, quantifying the role of CH4 cycling microbes is that too. Here, we use the most up-to-date molecular biology methods to see whether CH4 cycling microbes, and which of them contribute to the gas exchange of tree foliage. Our work highlights the importance of integrating microbial analyses in the studies aiming to reveal the processes and drivers behind plant CH4 exchange. 

Putkinen et al., 2021. New insight to the role of microbes in the methane exchange in trees: evidence from metagenomic sequencing. New Phytologist,