South Asian Studies at HU is situated at the Faculty of Arts. As a subject within the Humanities, we encompass both the study of culture and society (primarily contemporary India), and language (primarily Hindi).

The interdisciplinary research and teaching focuses on contemporary India, but in reflecting our understanding that India’s present must be contextualized in its past it also encompasses the study of textual and historical developments.

In order to achieve this bridging of the past and present and to advance South Asian Studies as discipline in the digital age, the strategic research foci are currently:

  • Digital Humanities and Communication Culture related to India
    (focus: video games/gaming and mediatization)
  • Pop Culture and Religion in India and the Indian Diaspora
    (focus: digital Hinduism, global Hinduism)
  • Literature and Performance
    (focus: Sufi literature and Sanskrit narratives)

Address: Unioninkatu 38 B, 00140 University of Helsinki, Finland


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