WP1: BDMA in the media and among epistemic stakeholders and communities (Lead: BIPS)

WP 1.1. Media (Lead: Helsinki)
The sub study inquires into action capacities, outcomes and implementation of BDMA as construed by popular representations in mass media. It inquire into the production of beliefs surrounding the knowledge of the BDMA as a macro level negotiation of its suitability and possibilities.

WP 1.2. Epistemic stakeholders and communities (Lead: BIPS)
The sub study inquires into the production of beliefs surrounding the knowledge of the BDMA by epistemic stakeholders and communities. The stakeholders in epistemic governance in fields of science, civil society, politics and government will be surveyed as social actors with an interest in and influence over the ways in which addiction problems are epistemologically and ontologically defined and framed.

WP2: BDMA in treatment (Lead: CAMH)

WP 2.1. Focus groups with clients and staff (Lead: Helsinki)
The urpose of this sub study is to investigate how the clients and staff ascribe neurobiological approaches to addiction problems. The interviews will also be used for mapping dimensions for the BDMA attitude scale.

WP 2.2. Surveys among staff and clients –BDMA scale (Lead: CAMH)
To conduct internet-based surveys with clients and staff for the psychometric refinement and validation of a BDMA Scale. The Internet-based assessment collects also additional information to inform correlates of the BDMA-related attitudes.

WP3: BDMA in prevention targeted at youth (Lead: Montreal)

The sub study evaluates whether clinicians who complete training in a biologically informed clinical intervention evidence changes in BDMA-related attitudes (and theoretical correlates thereof), and whether BDMA-related attitudes predict differential outcomes following the intervention.

WP4: The incorporating of the BDMA: General principles (Lead: Helsinki)

The objective of this sub study is to unfold and discuss the main considerations with the implementation of the BDMA in the different contexts and to determine compliance with ethically sound and accountable governance. This WP draws together and synchronizes the other WPs.