Selected readings

Organizations in a Non-Linear, Unpredictable World. / Ståhle, Pirjo ; Åberg, Leif. Business and Management Studies, Vol 1, No 1 (2015).

Towards responsible dialogue: Searching for the missing piece of strategic employee communication / Juholin, Elisa; Åberg, Leif ; Aula, Pekka. In: Catellani Andrea, Tench Ralph & Zerfaß Ansgar (Eds.):  Communication Ethics in a Connected World. 2015. P.I.E. Peter Lang, Brussels (2015, in press)

Blistering Publicities: A New Challenge for Organizational Communication and Public Relations. /Aula, Pekka ; Åberg, Leif. 2013

The first 100 years of Public Relations in Finland. A historical and contextual analysis. EUPRERA Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2012.

Conditions for self-organizing and creativity in blended learning environments. / Åberg, Leif ; Poutanen, Petro ; Parviainen, Olli. In: On the Horizon, Vol. 19, No. 4, 03.10.2011, p. 286-296.

From Communication to Public Policy: The Dynamics of Public Spheres in Finland. / Iivonen, Jyrki ; Åberg, Leif. EUPRERA Conference, Jyväskylä Finland, October 2010


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