New paper out!

Enhancing spatial accuracy of mobile phone data using multi-temporal dasymetric interpolation paper by Olle Järv, Henrikki Tenkanen and Tuuli Toivonen has been published in the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Check it out!

This is how Olle summarized the paper:

In brief, the paper highlights the need to give more attention to the uneven spatial resolution of mobile phone data which is one potential source of bias influencing research findings. To solve this, we are the first ones to apply an advanced dasymetric interpolation approach. Thus, we propose a generic multi-temporal function-based dasymetric interpolation method for mobile phone data, and demonstrate how it improves the spatial accuracy of mobile phone data as a proxy for people. The proposed method contributes also to the development of population modelling, at large.

Conceptual framework of the interpolation method for enhancing the accuracy of mobile phone data (Fig 2, Järv et al 2017)

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