Project members are:

Martti Leiwo, The Principal Investigator

Martti Leiwo is a university lecturer of Classics in the University of Helsinki and adjunct professor in the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, and former director of the Finnish Institute at Athens (2008–2013). His areas of expertise since 1994 have been language contact and non-standard variation in Greek and Latin, from the point of view of bilingualism as well as the role of the scribe in the linguistic outcome.

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Hilla Halla-aho, post-doctoral researcher

Hilla Halla-aho has a strong and wide-ranging research profile in Latin linguistics. She has studied variation and change in Latin syntax and written a book chapter on epistolary Latin. Most relevant for the current project are her studies on the language of the Latin letters on papyri and related materials as well as on scribal activities in both Latin and Greek private letters.

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Marja Vierros, post-doctoral researcher

Marja Vierros has specialized in Greek language and bilingualism in Hellenistic Egypt using documentary papyri as her main source material. She has studied the Greek of bilingual Egyptian notaries in the Ptolemaic period, finding some syntactic transfer from L1 to L2, as well as notarial/scribal conventions which preserve administrative standard language forms but also fossilize certain phraseological idiosyncrasies.

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Sonja Dahlgren, researcher

Sonja Dahlgren is studying nonstandard vowel orthography caused by Egyptian phonological transfer in Roman period Greek documentary texts from Fayyum area in her PhD thesis. She is also researching the effects of L1 prosodic transfer on L2 vowel orthography for her MA thesis in General linguistics.

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