Kasvatustieteen päivät 2020

Kasvatustieteen päivät 2020 conference was organised as an online event on 14.-16.12. 2020 by the University of Helsinki. The conference included a thematic group session coordinated by the researchers in AI in Learning project. The thematic group was entitled “Intelligent digital tools and learning environments in education and lifelong learning”.

On Tuesday, the thematic group included the following presentations:

  • AI and Learning: The ethical challenges and solutions of education technology companies (Päivi Kousa ja Hannele Niemi)
  • Supporting learners within immersive virtual reality: why and how to scaffold training with artificial intelligence? (Joakim Laine, Tiina Korhonen ja Kai Hakkarainen)

On Wednesday, the following presentations were heard in the session:

  • AI Supported Game-Based Learning: Mixed Methods Research on Emotions in Problem-Solving Processes (Heli Ruokamo, Marjaana Kangas, Hanna Vuojärvi, and Pekka Qvist)
  • Gaming in children’s foreign-language learning (Sari Ylinen, Katja Junttila, Anna-Riikka Smolander, Reima Karhila, and Mikko Kurimo)
  • Student teachers’ experiences of learning in simulated classroom cases (Anna Slotte and Kirsi Wallinheimo)
  • A Pedagogical Model for Artificial Intelligence in Simulation-based Language Learning in Bloom’s Taxonomy: systematic literature review (Fengyan He)

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