Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute Conference on AI in Learning (24.-25.11. 2020)

Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute organised an online conference entitled AI in Learning on November 24–25, 2020 in Beijing Normal University.

Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLII) is coordinated by the University of Helsinki and Beijing Normal University. The institute is a network of ten Finnish universities and one company, together with seven Chinese universities, one society and two companies, which are engaged in research cooperation for future schools and high quality education.

The mission of JoLII is to get Chinese and Finnish researchers, teachers and companies to work together for high quality learning and education for all people. The shared vision of the parties is to establish the Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute with the purpose to co-create inclusive, student-oriented learning solutions for future in China and Finland. More information about the collaboration can be found here.

The conference included presentations also from the members of our AI in Learning project. The themes of the conference included, among others, AI in education and learning–equity and ethics as big challenges, Ethical dilemmas in AI based learning environments from the perspective of educational technology companies, and Application of Machine Learning Methods in Intelligent Tutoring Systems.




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