Vote for team IONCELL in the ‘Helsinki Challenge’

Please vote before 19:55 (7th of June) for team IONCELL in the Helsinki Challenge

On the 6th, Prof. Sixta gave an exellent pitch, which can be viewed here, on the sustainability of textile production using IONCELL technology. Voting is still open until the end of the pitching on the 7th.

Here is the IONCELL website describing our technology and please find further information within these pages.

Simple Instructions:

  • You can review the IONCELL pitch here
  • Voting is already open but ends on Wednesday (7th) at 19:55
  • Vote by texting, only, the number 9 to +358 4573960300. You can vote only once.

Full voting details can be found here.

Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition and accelerator programme. The University of Helsinki organises the competition in collaboration with Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Oulu, University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Vaasa and Åbo Akademi University.

Ashley Holdings Thesis Defence

On the 20th of January 2017 Ashley Holding received his PhD. The title of the thesis was ‘Ionic Liquids and Electrolytes for Cellulose Dissolution’. The distinguished opponent was Reader Jason Hallett from Imperial College (Chemical Engineering).

Here are some entertaining moments from the defence and Karonkka:

Arno Parviainens Thesis Defence

On the 11th of November 2016 Arno Parviainen received his PhD. The title of the thesis was ‘Acid-Base Conjugate Ionic Liquids in Lignocellulose Processing: Synthesis, Properties and Applications’. The opponent was Prof. Ali Harlin from VTT.

Here are some entertaining moments from the Karonkka: