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In this post I’ll tell you about this one Friday night in late February, when myself, and my friends Matti and Iivari went to this concert at Korjaamo. DJ Kridlokk, who is a Finnish rapper, had just dropped a new album titled “Silius”, and was now performing it live for the first time there. The three of us decided to buy tickets and the plans were set for that night. Before the show we gathered to my flat, and had a couple of beers to get to the right mood for such occasion. It was also a perfect opportunity to ease in some English, and so we did. For about two hours we spoke more or less in English about… well, anything that came to mind really: school, music, movies, etc. Those couple of hours passed by fairly quickly, and it was time to head towards the main event of the night.

The doors opened at 8:00 PM, but we were there around 10:00 PM. That was when Tuuttimörkö, a supporting artist for the show, and a friend of Kridlokk’s was set to take the stage. And so he did, precisely at 10:15 PM hahah. He was soooo good too, and he really got the anticipating crowd going and ready for the main gig, that was of course Kridlokk’s. He performed the whole album, in order, and it was as good as expected, maybe even better. The setlist was as follows:

1. Mönjä 3:01
2. Harvin aine 2:03
3. USB 2:57
4. Siri 3:23
5. Hävisin 3:54
6. Oon Paperi T 3:14
7. Oon Eevil Stöö 3:13
8. Varaani 3:46
9. Eli 3:38
10. T-800 3:20
11. Jos 4:43

For me the most anticipated moment was when he got to the sixth track of the album, “Oon Paperi T”, which is performed by Paperi T, who is my absolute favourite among the now countless pack of Finnish rappers. Why did I look forward to it so much then? Well, I really wanted to see if the man himself was there to perform the song. Sadly for me, and many others I’m sure, he wasn’t there… or so we thought. He did in fact come to the stage right at the end of the song just to wave for the now enthusiastic and cheering crowd. He wasn’t bothered about performing that night, so he was there just to enjoy a good show like the rest of us, and I really don’t hold it against him haha! Anyway, overall, the show was splendid! Kridlokk was as good as ever and he got us crowd members along fantastically. I mean I really like the new album, and the live show was just as good as I thought it would be. If you ever get a chance to see him perform live, I urge you to do so. You won’t be disappointed!

The album cover of “Silius”

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